How Much is Pizza in Kenya | Pizza Inn Prices, Various Types

Pizza is among the most delicious wheat products. Generally, pizza is an Italian dish. It is made by subjecting wheat and various flavors to high temperatures. Pizzas are available in a variety of tastes and flavors. In the past, it was believed that pizza was reserved for the wealthy. No, anyone who desires pizza can purchase it and enjoy it at such a reasonable price.

Pizza is currently extremely popular. It is sold in various locations, including hotels and pizza restaurants. You may have the desire to at least sample pizza, but you are unsure of the prices and other details. In that case, you need not worry any longer.

That now brings us to the question of how much pizza costs in Kenya. Well, the price of pizza will vary depending on the size. This means that the prices will range from an average price of Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 1,500. The given figures also answer the question: how much does pizza cost in Kenya?

Looking for how much is the smallest pizza in Kenya? The smallest pizza will retail at a price of about Ksh.550. That is the basic price of a small pizza. 

Pizza Inn Prices Kenya

Regular pizza from Ksh.500.

Large pizza from ksh.950.

Mega pizza from ksh.1,150.

Medium pizza from ksh.750.

Those are the average pizza inn prices in Kenya. 

The Pizza Inn offers today are much more captivating. Take the initiative of visiting Pizza Inn on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the most amazing offers. 

Various Types of Pizza and Flavors

There are different types of pizza in Kenya as well as pizza flavors in Kenya. Some of which include: Veg Feast, Chicken & Beef Pepperoni, Spicy Boerewors, and Chicken Hawaiian, among others. 


This was a quick and brief overview of pizza, including types, flavors, and prices. Now that you are fully content with the topic, nothing should stop you from buying pizza for yourself. Visit any Pizza Inn shop today and grab yourself a pizza without hesitation. 

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