How Much is KFC Chicken in Kenya | KFC Family Bucket Price

KFC is one of the world’s most popular restaurants/hotels. When it became popular in Kenya, the company made massive sales. Many people have been able to get a taste of their chicken and chips.

You might be interested in giving KFC a try but are unsure about the prices and other details. If that’s the case, don’t worry because by the end of this article, you’ll have all the information.

How much is KFC chicken in Kenya may be your question.

The price of KFC chicken in Kenya range from as low as Ksh.220 to Ksh.3,500. The prices vary depending on the number of pieces you order.

KFC Bucket Price

You may also be interested in knowing the price of a bucket of KFC chicken in Kenya.

The price of KFC chicken bucket in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 1,600 to Ksh. 2,600. The KFC family bucket price in Kenya may vary depending on the number of pieces in the bucket.

The KFC bucket price in Nairobi may vary depending on the size of the bucket you want. This means that there is no specific price for every different bucket.

KFC Thika

If you are a resident of Thika, then you can decide to take the initiative of going through the KFC Thika menu and placing an order for the dish whose price you can afford.

KFC streetwise menu prices Kenya ranges from Ksh.330 for 1 piece of chicken and regular chips to Ksh.550 for 3 pieces and regular chips.


Take the initiative of physically visiting KFC and checking the KFC menu and prices. If you tend to get the one you can afford to pay for, then you are good to go. KFC offers in Kenya may sometimes be available. For instance, during festive seasons, the offers can be found if a purchase is made by a customer.

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