How to Apply for a Job at Quickmart Supermarket

Quickmart is an upcoming supermarket in Kenya that is rapidly growing. It was first situated in Nairobi, but right now is making its way to other towns like Nakuru, Mombasa, and Eldoret, among others. Quickmart is playing a key role in ensuring the country’s economic growth as it offers a lot of job opportunities to Kenyan citizens, thus trying to minimize the unemployment tragedy in the country.

Do you want to work at Quickmart Supermarket? Do you want to know how to apply for a job at Quickmart supermarket? I’ve got you covered because this article contains all of the necessary information.

Let us get started on how to apply for a job at Quickmart Supermarket. Here is a simple guide to follow:

  1. Visit Quickmart’s official website.
  2. Click on job vacancies at Quickmart supermarket.
  3. Apply now for the job category of your interest.
  4. Fill in the Quickmart Kenya job application form.
  5. Upload the required documents.
  6. Confirm the details and whether they are correct.
  7. Submit the Quickmart job application form.
  8. A notification is sent to you via email showing the job application acceptance and the date of your interview.

I hope you have gotten an idea on how to apply for a job at Quickmart Supermarket.

Job Opportunities at Quickmart Supermarket

Jobs at Quickmart supermarkets in Nairobi are available to any person who qualifies for the job. Such positions include:

  1. Cashiers.
  2. Baggers.
  3. Store manager.
  4. Support staff such as IT.
  5. Wine experts.
  6. Shipping and receiving clerks.


In summary, Quickmart is the best supermarket for you to apply for a job at. Besides, Quickmart pays all the employees a good amount of salary and allowances on time, avoiding salary delays. Also, Quickmart offers an opportunity for you to shop at an affordable cost when you buy many items.

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