Bank Cashier Salary In Kenya With Allowances | Latest Pay

Bank Cashier Salary In Kenya With Allowances Latest Pay

Kenya as a country has several commercial banks such as Equity, Cooperative Bank, Family bank, Central bank, Standard Chartered, among others.

Bank cashiers are employed to work in banks and their main roles are:

1. Assist customers in money transactions.

2. Performing due-deligence on documents and KYC checks before payment of cash to customers.

3. Track bank information and generate reports.

4. Informing customers about bank products and services,among other roles.

Many individuals wonder how much does a bank cashier earn per month? Well, bank cashier salary varies depending on the bank that the person works in and the education level.

So, exactly how much is a cashier paid in Kenya? Bank Cashier salary per month ranges from as low as Ksh.55,000 to as high as Ksh.95,000 per month. This salary figure answers the most recent question of “What is the salary of cashier in bank” which was asked out of curiosity by the majority.

Bank Allowances For Cashiers

Bank Cashiers are always given allowances that cater for their expenses. Such allowances include:

1. House Allowance of 10.5% per month.

2. Transfer of an employee allowances which is always 11% of the salary.

3. Transport Allowances of Ksh.20,000 monthly.

4. Medical Allowance of Ksh.15,000.

These allowances are often included in the Cashier’s payslip.

Course To Study To Work As A Bank Cashier.

Various courses are offered in learning institutions such as universities, colleges and polytechnics that one can learn and secure a bank cashier job in future.

One of the qualifications of these courses is a minimum grade of C+ in Mathematics.

These courses include:

1. Banking Course.

2. Bachelor of Commerce.

3. Business Management.

4. Accounting.

The above courses can be done and one can achieve either a diploma, cerificate or a degree.


Working as a bank cashier is a good white collar job that earns you more salary per month. These type of job has helped in fighting poverty in the country at large by increasing the living standards of the society. Enroll today in any learning institution and pursue a bank related course for a better tomorrow.

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