How to Apply For Cadet in Kenya | Online Application

Cadet officers are the junior officers who are the newly fresh trainees that mainly train the military regarding discipline, attitude, appearance, and military courtesy. Besides, cadetship is the best venture for you as it offers a high-paying career with numerous allowances that allow you to attain financial freedom easily.

Do you want to know how to apply for a cadetship in Kenya? You have landed yourself at the right place as I am going to take you through guidelines that will help you achieve your dream.

Here is the guide on how to apply for a cadet in Kenya:

  1. Be a Kenyan citizen with no dual citizenship.
  2. Be within an age bracket of 18-39 years.
  3. Should posses a Kenyan national identity card.
  4. Have attained a minimum mean grade of C+ and at least a degree in any relevant field.
  5. Have no criminal record.
  6. Be physically and medically fit according to KDF standards.
  7. Female candidates should not be pregnant during recruitment.
  8. If you fulfill these conditions, you can now log in to the cadet application portal.
  9. Click on the Kenya cadet application.
  10. Fill in the cadet application form.
  11. Upload the required documents.
  12. Submit your cadet application.
  13. A notification will be sent to you showing whether you have qualified or not.
  14. If qualified, you will undergo training based on your area of specialization.

This is how to apply for a Kenyan cadet, more so the online application.


Online cadet applications have made life quite simple, unlike in the pre-industrial age where you had to make a physical application. Cadets in Kenya serve the country as they play various roles that steward the country. An added advantage of this career is the high-paying allowances and salaries on a monthly basis.

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