Cadet Salary In Kenya | New Allowances For Roles

Cadet Salary In Kenya | New Allowances For Roles

A cadet in Kenya is a rank that officers hold immediately after training. Cadets are the most junior officers among the commissioned Officers in service and play an essential role in terms of security.

Some of the role of Cadets In Kenya include:

1. Help in training and counseling officers regarding attitude, appearance, military courtesy and discipline.

2. Supervises the color guard to maintain high standards of training and appearance.

3. Supervise the flag detail.

3. Report serious cases to the Battalion Commander, among others.

Are you wondering how much do cadets earn in Kenya? The salary of a cadet in Kenya varies depending on the rank and the experience. A cadet in Kenya earns an average of Ksh.70,000 per month with all the Allowances included.

Cadet Officer Salary In Kenya

Cadet Officers participate in training Programmes that introduce them to the fundamentals of law enforcement.

Cadet Officers receive a salary of Ksh.70,000 per month. This figure includes all the allowances that they benefit from the government.

Police Cadet Salary In Kenya

This cadets have specialized in the police field of law enforcement .National police cadet salary is  Ksh. 38,900 without any allowances included.

Prison Cadet Salary In Kenya

They mainly focus on the prisoners thus their work field is prison. They earn a minimum basic salary of Ksh. 30,000 per month. This salary has no allowances included.

Cadet Inspector Salary In Kenya

Cadet Inspector earns a basic a salary of 38,000 per month while the fresh graduate Cadet Inspector earns a basic salary of Ksh. 32,369 per month.

Nurse Cadet Salary In Kenya

Take care of sick patients in the military. Nurse Cadet earns a basic salary of Ksh.50,000 per month.

Cadet Specialist Officers Salary in Kenya

These cadets have specialized in different docates.They earn an average of Ksh.70,000 with all the allowances included.

Foreign Service Cadet Salary In Kenya

Foreign Services Cadets earn a monthly salary of Ksh.88,000 with all the Allowances included.

Foreign Service Cadets participate in foreign matters. Their main roles are:

1. Performing General Protocol Duties.

2. Undertaking guided research on foreign services.

3. Participating in meetings dealing with foreign diplomats.

4. Assistance Secretary Cadet Salary In Kenya

5. Arrange meetings and appointments for the cadet officers.


In the final analysis, cadets earn more salaries per month due to the many allowances given to them. Enroll as a cadet and enjoy the benefits of serving the country at large.

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