How To Check Driving Licence Validity Easily Right Now

How To Check Driving Licence Validity Easily Right Now

Owning a driving licence in Kenya is not enough, the validity of the licence is all that matters. If in any case you are found to own an invalid driving licence, you can either fined be or put behind bars by the Kenyan law enforcers.

To ensure that you a line with the road transport and safety rules, always verify the validity of your licence to enjoy an interrupted ride.

Do not stress yourself on how to check driving licence validity. I have formulated several ways help you out, including how to check driving license expiry date three easy to follow methods which you can use one of them.

Easy Method To Check Your Driving License Validity

For drivers with the old driving licence, (the red booklet) or the new driving licence in Kenya, here are easy way to check driving license validity.

Method 1: Use Ecitizen Portal

NTSA Driving License Checker Online steps

Step 1: Log into the ecitizen portal.

Step 2: Go to the NTSA services.

Step 3: Check licence listing.

Step 4: You can verify if the details on the hard copy are matching those of the soft copy.

Step 5: If the details are correct, you will have successful results. If not, you will be denied access.

Method 2: Use Your TIMS Account

NTSA allows you to access the online self-help care. For drivers with the SMART driving licence, make sure you are registered on TIMS. TIMS stands for, Transport Integrated Management System.

An active TIMS account will have details of your driving licence.  To check licence validity in TIMS account

Step 1: Log in to the TIMS account

Step 2: The account will verify the name and number of holder

Step 3: The expiry date should be similar with the one on the driving licence. If not, the driving licence is invalid.

Method 3: Use NTSA Apps

You can also use an NTSA mobile App for NTSA Driving License Check

Step 1: Download the NTSA mobile

Step 2: App Log in

Step 3: Enter your ID number in the driving licence

Step 4: Press the verification tab

Step 5: Wait for a confirmation message from NTSA, the message will appear as ‘Valid’ or ‘Invalid’

If you cannot access online services or run out of data bundles, here are offline methods to check your license validity

Method  4. Visit NTSA Offices

NTSA Driving License Check can be done manually.

You can physically visit the NTSA offices.

Give the details on the hard copy to the attendant officer.

The details will be run in the database to check; the existence of the driving licence, the holder and personal details.

If the licence is not valid, the details will not match.

Method 5. Use SMS Code

 It is also possible to check you license validity using your own mobile phone.

You can simply send a short message to the SMS code 22846 by sending the word DL follewd by drivers ID number without leaving any spaces in between.

Wait for an SMS from NTSA confirming the validity of the licence.


This article gives you several options on how to check driving licence validity. You can choose to follow a single procedure, or also try other given options to ensure you have the same results. Ensure you regularly carry out the NTSA driving license check, to enjoy uninterrupted rides on Kenyan roads.

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