How to Apply for HELB Bursary | Application Requirements 

The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) provides students with loans that help cater for their school fees and also upkeep. This board has really relieved parents of the school fee burden for students in various institutions, which is highly appreciated in Kenya. Besides, acquiring a HELB bursary in Kenya is not as complicated as it may seem.

Perhaps you interested in knowing how to apply for HELB bursary. Well, here is an application process that will work well for you as a first timer:

  1. Go to the HELB portal and create an account by keying in your details as requested.
  2. Log in to: for first time application.
  3. Click on HELB application form.
  4. Fill in the HELB application form correctly and remember to be honest.
  5. Print two copies of the application forms. This is a MUST.
  6. Take the application form to the relevant people for signing and stamping.
  7. Attach the required documents as requested.
  8. Submit the HELB form at the HELB students service centre on mezzanine 1, Huduma centre near you, anniversary towers, University way, among others.

The HELB bursary will then be disbursed in your account and also the school account to cater for fees.

Application Requirements

You may also like to know the requirements needed, which include the following:

  1. Colored passport size photos.
  2. A copy of your national identity card.
  3. Your parents’ copies of national IDs
  4. Copies of National IDs for your guarantors.
  5. A copy of your admission letter.
  6. A copy of the applicants’ bank account card.
  7. Copies of the death certificates of the parents if deceased.


In the final analysis, the HELB bursary has created smiling faces for both students and parents as it has played a vital role in supporting the dreams of students in terms of education. Follow the given process in this article in order to apply for your HELB bursary today.

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