How to Become a Data Scientist in Kenya Effortlessly

BSc. Data Science Kenya is an interdisciplinary area that focuses on data collecting and analysis in order to extract compound knowledge from unstructured data and apply actionable insights across a wide range of domains. Data scientists play an important role in today’s sectors ensuring that businesses run smoothly.

Do you aspire to work as a data scientist in Kenya? If that’s the case, I’ve got you covered since the article will act as an eye opener for you.

Guidelines to Become a Data Scientist in Kenya

Here is a step by step procedure on how to become a data Scientist in Kenya:

  1. Attain a minimum mean grade of C+ in the KCSE.
  2. Attain a minimum of C+ in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English.
  3. Earn a bachelor’s degree or diploma in IT, Computer Science or any other related field.
  4. Acquire a master’s degree in data analysis.
  5. Attain a work experience in the field you intend to work in.

This is how to become a data Scientist in Kenya.

There are several universities in Kenya that currently offer data science as a course. Let us begin by looking at some of them.

Universities Offering Data Science in Kenya

Here are some of the universities where you can study for a degree or diploma in data science Kenya:

  • Mount Kenya University.
  • University of Nairobi.
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.
  • South Eastern Kenya University.
  • Strathmore University.

Strathmore University data science course is offered in different levels such as diploma, degree and masters.

The salary of a data scientist in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 50,000 to Ksh. 750,000 depending on the education level, work experience and the company one is working for.

Is data science marketable in Kenya? Data science is a marketable career in Kenya since it has a higher demand niche due to the evolvement of various upcoming industries.


In summary, becoming a data scientist in Kenya requires a lot of determination in order to achieve success. Besides, data science short courses in Kenya are offered in various colleges. You may apply for it in order to be equipped with knowledge in data science.

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