How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Kenya | Explained!

Real estate agents make money easily by representing both the seller and the buyer of properties. Real estate agents may sell a property at a relatively higher price, thus making more profits. Besides, one is given a commission after every sale.

The real estate business is the best as it only requires a few certifications to start.

Do you want to work as a real estate agent in Kenya? So, let me walk you through a step-by-step process of how to become a real estate agent in Kenya.

Guidelines for Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Here is a step-by-step guide of how to become a real estate agent in Kenya:

  1. Fill in the application form for a real estate registration business.
  2. Involve your lawyer, who is the legal advisor.
  3. Register your business so that you will be able to pay taxes in the country.
  4. Acquire a working permit for a non-resident of the properties.
  5. Submit the duly filled application form.
  6. Submit a certificate of incorporation.
  7. Submit articles and memorandums of association to KenInvest.
  8. Pay the required fees for the processing of the certificate in real estate management in Kenya.
  9. Issuance of the certificate in real estate management.

This is how to become a real estate agent in Kenya.

Real estate courses in Kenya are offered at various universities and colleges. Undergo training to acquire the required skills.

Real Estate Agent Jobs in Kenya

Here are some of the real estate agent jobs in Kenya that you can apply for:

  1. Field sales agent: Mursons Realtors Ltd.
  2. Real Estate Agent at Home Universal Logo
  3. Real Estate sales Associate at corporate staffing services
  4. Commercial property agent at Anzanow Recruitment Agency.
  5. Real Estate Agents at Josmo Agencies Limited.

Apply for any of these jobs in order to secure a high-paying real estate job in Kenya.

List of Registered Real Estate Agents

  1. Abed Abdallah Ashur.
  2. Agili Daniels Ojijo.
  3. Bwoyele Julius.
  4. Chege Maina.
  5. Chabari Francis Nyaga.

These are some of the real estate agents in Kenya.


Starting a real estate business will help you gain a lot in terms of money. Besides, it helps to reduce the unemployment rate of citizens in the country. Furthermore, the majority of Kenyans have not discovered the real estate business, resulting in minimum competition.

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