How to Become Electrical Contractor in Kenya

Electrical contractors take tenders for construction work related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Perhaps you are aspiring to become an electrical contractor in Kenya but you don’t have any idea about the whole process.

Let us get started on the procedure that will work well for you in becoming one of the best electrical contractors in Kenya.

Guidelines on How to Become Electrical Contractor

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become an electrical contractor in Kenya:

  1. Log in to the ERC portal (
  2. Click on online services.
  3. Select our online service options.
  4. For starters, click “register,” while for members, key in your password to log in.
  5. Select apply for the new license.
  6. Select whether you are an individual or company.
  7. Key in your personal details. Ensure that you create a unique password that cannot be easily hacked.
  8. Enter your referee details and click next to proceed.
  9. Upload the required scanned documents.
  10. Make the required payment using your preferred payment method provided.
  11. Key in your transaction number indicated during payments.
  12. Choose your preferred date if on premises.
  13. Submit your application and print the application notification.
  14. Premise notification and the oral interview are done by an ERC officer.
  15. Obtain your ERC electrical license in Kenya within 30 days.

These are the steps to follow in order to become an electrical contractor in Kenya.

Requirements for Electrical Contractors

In order to be issued a license to operate as an electrician in Kenya, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Identification documents such as national identity cards or passports.
  2. Copy of KRA pin registration certificate.
  3. Business registration certificate.
  4. Lease agreement/ownership.
  5. Signed electrician’s consent letter.
  6. Single business permit for the municipality.
  7. A list of tools.

These are some of the requirements needed to register your electrical contractor business in Kenya.

Types of Electrical Licenses in Kenya

Below are some of the EPRA electrician license classes:

  1. Electrical Contractor Class-1
  2. Electrical Contractor Class-2
  3. Electrical Contractor Class-3
  4. Electrical Supervisor General.
  5. Electrical supervisor mines.
  6. Electrical Supervisor Grade-2.

These are the various electrical contractor licenses available in Kenya.


In brief, venturing into electrical contracts is the best option for you as you will be able to create employment opportunities for other citizens. Besides, it is a high-paying job that fetches good profits. I hope you now have an idea of what it takes to become an electrical contractor in Kenya.

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