Electrical Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Electrical Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Engineering career forms the biggest part of the country’s projects and development. Engineering is a wide field thus calls upon specialization. Electrical engineering is one of the engineering courses that mainly deals with electronics in general.

Engineers salary in Kenya varies depending on the organization, education level, area of specialization among others.

So, how much is an electrical engineer paid in Kenya? Electrical engineer-monthly salary ranges from Ksh. 277,000 to Ksh 230,588.This electrical engineering salary per month includes all the allowances that they benefit from being engineers.

Allowances For Electrical Engineers In Kenya

Electrical Engineers benefit from allowance packages that help them cater for their expenses. Such allowances include:

1. Project allowances.

2. Overtime allowances.

3. Uniform allowances.

4. Interim allowances.

5. Leave allowances.

6. Medical insurance allowances.

7. House Allowances.

8. City compensatory allowances.

Degree In Electrical Engineering Salary In Kenya

Degree holders in electrical engineering earn more salary per month.

Electrical engineer who has a degree in this course earns a monthly salary of Ksh.150,000.

Salary Of A Diploma Holder In Electrical Engineering In Kenya

People working as Electrical Engineers are also diploma holders can earn an average of Ksh.95,000 per month.

Craft Certificate In Electrical Engineering  Salary In Kenya

Those people who did not qualify to pursue neither a degree nor a diploma in electrical engineering still have a chance to pursue it but instead they will acquire a certificate.

Craft certificate holders in Electrical Engineering earn an average of Ksh 40,000 per month with all the allowances being included in the salary

Kenya Power Engineer Salary

Kenya Power and lighting company (KPLC) is a company which transmits, distribute and retail electricity to customers in the country at large.

Kenya power engineers earn monthly salary that ranges from Ksh.100,00 to Ksh.250,000.

Safaricom Electrical Engineer Salary

Safaricom is the largest Kenyan mobile networks that offers telecommunication services to the East and Central regions in Africa.

Safaricom Electrical Engineer earn a monthly salary that ranges from Ksh 150,000 – Ksh 800,000.


Electrical Engineering field is the best engineering field that directs one to being successful in the future.It also has high income at the end of every month making one rich at the end of the tunnel.

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