How to Become Freelance Writer in Kenya

Article writing in Kenya is one of the most popular internet professions in Kenya that many people have yet to discover. This is despite the fact that it pays well on a regular basis.

Are you interested in working as a freelance writer in Kenya? Well, this article is especially for you since I will show you different vital elements that will help you realize your ambition.

In Kenya, there are a variety of online academic writing jobs that you can delve into without difficulties. Let us get started on figuring out how to work as a freelance writer in Kenya.

Ways to Become Freelance Writer in Kenya

Step 1: You should do thorough research about online writing so that you can have the right type of writing skills.

Step 2: Select a niche. This is being specific about the type of writing that you are going to do and working on it to achieve something great.

Step 3: Getting the right writing skills. Get to learn more writing skills daily as writing is an ever changing field. Keep on polishing your writing skills to write attractive jobs.

Step 3: Establish your own website. Having your own website will enable you to make as much money as possible. Having your own website is best, but you can also seek employment from a person who owns a website.

Step 4: Write samples that you can post on your website to attract clients. Having creative samples will help you get more clients.

Step 5: Setting Charges: You have to decide on how to charge people so as to make money without exploitation.

Step 6: Getting clients: You have to find clients for yourself. Direct clients pay a lot of money. You may get clients mainly through referrals from friends and family, among others.

Step 7: Joining a network community: This will help you gain more knowledge and give you exposure to writing.

This is how to start online writing in Kenya with ease.

Needless to say, it is important to know the types of freelance online writing jobs available.

Freelance Jobs in Kenya

  • Article writing jobs.
  • Content writing.
  • Blogging.
  • Social media writing.
  • Web content writer.
  • Magazines and newspapers write.

These are some of the online writing jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa.


Freelance writers in Kenya enjoy the freedom of working from home with zero pressure of having to report to work very early in the morning. Besides, freelance writing pays well compared to other jobs.

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