How to Become Millionaire in Kenya | 8 Incredible Ways

The dreams of every individual in the world are to become rich and acquire royalty status. These dreams may sometimes just be varnished due to a lack of knowledge on how to become wealthy in Kenya.

Are you asking yourself how you can become rich in Kenya? You have landed yourself in the right place as I am going to take you through insider secrets that you did not know that can lead you to become a rich person in Kenya and world-wide.

8 Incredible Ways to Become a Millionaire

Here is a guide on how to become a millionaire in Kenya:

  1. Believe in yourself. Ensure you have the right mindset that will always propel you, even when you feel you can’t make it anymore. Believe you can do it as that is the spirit of the rich people.
  2. Have a proper budget so as to spend money wisely and keep records in order to trace the amount used. 
  3. Save every amount of money after buying the basic requirements that you need. Ensure you save daily or monthly, depending on your income.
  4. Invest a lot in businesses. This is the key to your prosperity. Do not let your savings lie idle in the bank; put them into practice by investing as it will fetch you more profits.
  5. Always work hard and smart. It is not necessarily that you have to be employed for you to work. You can also decide to start your own business and be determined to achieve the best.
  6. Create a lot of streams where you can get income. You should not depend on only one income because it may fail and that will be the end of you. Have multiple businesses since business is taking the top position worldwide.
  7. Get yourself a mentor who is also rich and who will be your guide in every step that you take.
  8. Be more passionate in everything that you do, as passion is the secret.

These are among the top 8 things that can easily make you rich in Kenya.

Businesses That Can Make You Rich

You may also like to know the businesses that can make you rich in Kenya, which are mainly:

  1. Online businesses.
  2. Restaurants.
  3. Wines and spirits businesses.
  4. Bakery business.
  5. Car wash business.
  6. Photography.
  7. Money transfer shops and bank agents.
  8. Wholesale businesses.

These are some of the businesses in Kenya that fetch the maximum profits, making you a millionaire in Kenya.

Perhaps you are interested in knowing the saving habits to become a millionaire in Kenya. You should save at least 10–15% of your income, although you can still save more as soon as you get cash.


In brief, becoming a millionaire is not as difficult as it may seem. Besides, you can become a millionaire by mainly saving and investing more in fast-moving businesses in Kenya. 

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