How to Get Easy Money in Kenya Right Now

There are many ways in Kenya that one can engage into and get easy money. There are untapped business opportunities in Kenya that people have not discovered yet they pay highly. These businesses have a high demand niche due to the less number of sellers thus fetching more profits.

I will tell you such business ideas in this article, yours is just to continue reading until the end.

Let us first get started on how to get easy money in Kenya without straining mainly through online.

Ways to Get Easy Money in Kenya

The following are some of the methods of making easy money in Kenya:

  1. Betting for football matches. This is a win or loose game where you place your bet with a certain amount and when the game matches your bet you earn more. This is one of the easiest money in Kenya.
  2. Spinning the wheel in log in today in this portal and always spin to win. People win over millions in why not you? Join today by paying a small amount of cash and become member.
  3. Affiliate marketing. This is mainly done by online markets such jumia and market their goods online to get cash. Jumia is highly preferred as it is popular and besides it pays good amount of cash.
  4. Blogging. Here, register a domain name then pay for web hosting and web design services and start earning over Ksh.1,000 per day. Isn’t this a good money for you?
  5. Offer mobile loans to people. Have some amount of cash that you will lend to people and charge a little interest. This is investing in loan business.

This is how to earn money online and get paid through Mpesa.

How to Make Money as a Teenager in Kenya

You may also want to know how to make money as a teenager in Kenya:

  1. Cleaning jobs during holidays.
  2. Selling mitumba in your estate.
  3. Get paid to view ads Kenya.
  4. Freelance writing.
  5. Survey junking.

These are simple steps on how to get free money in Kenya as a teenager.


I hope your have gotten an idea on how to make money online in Kenya and get paid through Mpesa. This easy money will help you in investments and also achieve financial freedom easily.

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