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Before we get deeper, we need to understand what a logbook is. Well, a logbook keeps the track of ownership and taxation of the vehicle. It is very important when one has a logbook since it serves as their security.

The logbook contains information such as the engine type, car type, the color of the vehicle among others. The driver has a duty to fill in certain information as well as provide the signatures where relevant.

Change of particulars of a motor vehicle can be done according to the preference of the owner. For example, converting a private car to a commercial car. The only requirement would be to pay the tax for the commercial car.

Changing Logbook Details in Kenya

Let me show you how to change logbook details in Kenya easily and quick:

Step 1: Log into NTSA TIMS.

Step 2: Select the Vehicles Inspection.

Step 3: Choose the option of creating a new booking.

Step 4: After uploading the inspection report, apply for a change of particulars.

Step 5: Select vehicle registration and fill in the required details.

Step 6: Pay the required fee.

Step 7: Afterwards, visit the NTSA office for the issuance of a new logbook.

These are the simple steps of changing logbook details and it takes a very short period of time.

Requirements for Logbook Transfer in Kenya

You may want to know the Requirements for logbook transfer in Kenya. Here are some:

  • Vehicle inspection report.
  • Original logbook.
  • Copy of an ID or certificate of incorporation.

Cost of Logbook Transfer in Kenya

The cost of logbook transfer ranges from Ksh. 1660 to Ksh. 6000 depending on the cc of the engine.


It is important to know how to change logbook details in Kenya. Always ensure you have all the required documents before starting the process. I hope that this article has answered all your questions concerning logbook transfer in Kenya.

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