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The Kenya Revenue Authority pin also known as KRA pin is majorly used as your identity number for the business transaction purposes with government agencies, service providers and the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Taxation in Kenya is mainly facilitated by the Kenya Revenue Authority  that gives the tax revenue to the government. The government uses the tax revenue from citizens to boost the country’s economy for the benefit of the people.

It is important to have an iTax KRA pin when you are at the age of 18 years and above. Continue reading as this article contain the steps to follow to obtain your KRA pin in Kenya.

Procedure to Get KRA pin in Kenya

Follow the below steps in order to acquire your KRA pin:

  1. Log in to the iTax portal using this link
  2. Click “ New Pin Registration”
  3. Select your mode of registration as non individual and online form.
  4. Key in your details.
  5. Select suitable tax obligations by checking the boxes.
  6. Enter results of the arithmetic sum provided.
  7. Submit your application.
  8.  The KRA will send you a KRA pin number after a short while.

This is how to apply for  KRA pin for a student. You can also use this method on how to get a KRA pin if forgotten.

How to Get KRA Pin Certificate

Follow the below procedure to obtain your pin certificate.

  1. Log in to the KRA portal using this link
  2. Key in your KRA pin number.
  3. Enter your iTax password and solve the arithmetic question given to you as a test.
  4. In the iTax dashboard you will be able to see your iTax account.
  5. Click the registration tab.
  6. Click on the reprint pin certificate tab.
  7. Print your KRA pin certificate.

This is the easiest way you can follow to get a KRA pin certificate in Kenya.


In summary, you can get a KRA pin at the comfort of your home, it is as easy as ABC as long as your are connected to the network as this is an online process. Follow the procedure carefully to avoid messing up.

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