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The University of Nairobi (UON) is among the top performing universities in the country that offer a wide range of courses. UON has always been the best choice as it has highly qualified personnel that give quality education to students.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, UON upgraded their registration system. Thus, online registration is done so that students can only report after the registration. This is to avoid congestion and overcrowding of student during the physical registration process.

Are you curious to know how to get a UON admission number? Well, I will take you through various details.

Process to Get UON Registration Number

This is the process by which you can obtain your UON registration number online:

  1. UON student portal login using this link
  2. In the UON student portal, click on the SMIS allocated registration number.
  3. Key in your application reference number as it appears in the letter of offer.
  4. Select the allocated student registration number.
  5. An automatic message will be sent to you showing your UON registration number.

This is the online procedure that you can use to get your UON registration number in the comfort of your seat.

How to Log Into the UON SMIS Portal

Perhaps you are wondering how to log into the UON SMIS portal. Below is a step-by-step process on how to go about this:

  1. Access the student portal using this link:
  2. Log in using your UON registration number.
  3. Select the year of admission.
  4. Key in your password.
  5. There and then, your portal log in will be successful and you will be able to access a lot.

This is how one can log into the UON student portal.

You may also be interested in knowing the UON contact number, which is 020-2245566. Alternatively, you can use 020-4910000 to reach UON in case of any difficulties.


Through the development of UON portal, every activity in the University of Nairobi has been made possible such as UON online registration and students accessing their UON admission numbers while still at home.

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