How to Make 5,000 Per Day in Kenya | 21 Surprising Tips

Making money in Kenya is now a race for the majority of people. Don’t you think making 5,000 per day in Kenya is a good venture? If yes, then you are at the right place where you are going to learn various ideas that will earn you an income. Besides, earning 5,000 per day will help you achieve financial freedom easily.

How to earn Ksh. 5,000 per day in Kenya is not as complicated as it may seem. Stay connected and read till the end to get ideas that will work well for you.

21 Tips on How to Make 5,000 per Day

The following are tips on how to make 5,000 per day in Kenya.

1. Real Estate Agent

The real estate business is a good venture for you as it pays a huge commission after every sale of property. Obtain a license to work as a real estate agent and make 5,000 or more per day.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Promotion of products of well-known platforms such as Jumia, Kilimall, and others. When a purchase is made based on your promotion, you will earn commission.

3. Article Writing

If you are a creative writer, then this is the best venture for you. Get a person with a website or have your own website. Write as many articles as possible to make more than 5,000 per day.

4. Virtual Assistant

In this job, you mainly work at the premises of your home by completing certain tasks given by the company or organization you are working for. Work as much as you can to make 5,000 per day and even more.

5. Drop Shipping

You can earn 5,000 per day without necessarily having your own products. The third party involved, who is the retailer, will sell the product directly to the customer, with you acting as a bridge.

6. Selling in a Boutique

Boutiques mainly have new fashion clothes that many people like, especially ladies’ and children’s wear. Selling new clothes will earn you more commission, so you will make 5,000 per day.

7. Car Wash Business

Many vehicles have had their ways on the Kenyan roads today, making the car wash business a lucrative venture. Ensure you provide quality services to have many customers at your doorstep.

8. Offer Consultation Service

Perhaps you have skills in marketing, business, or public speaking, among others. Becoming a consultant in Kenya earns you a lot of money on a daily basis.

9. Photography

This is one of the unleashed businesses in Kenya that has a high demand niche. Taking edited videos and photos will attract many clients thus earning more profits.

10. Cyber Café

Computer services are highly needed in today’s world. Besides, you need to have computers in your cyber café and internet connection. Charge people based on the type of services they need.

11. Food Delivery Services

This is a mobile business that mainly deals with delivering foods in organizations, schools, Terminus, bus stages, among others. It is a worthwhile venture as you can make 5,000 per day.

12. Sell Niche Products

Niche Products excite small group of people creating a demand for sale. These products include headphones, chargers, gym supplements, among others. Selling these items can make you earn more than 5,000 a day.

13. Start a Mitumba shop

These are second hand clothes. Buy bales of mitumba in order to maximize profits. Having a mitumba shop will help you earn more than 5,000 per day especially during market days.

14. Airbnb

If you have spare rooms in your house then you are good to go. You rent rooms as hotel rooms for short term travelers through Airbnb connections maximizing profits.

15. Selling Outsourced Services

In this business, you advertise yourself as a skilled person for example a writer, a web designer, among others. Once you are paid to do a task, you look for a cheaper labour who will perform the actual task. This task will help you make 5,000 per day.

16. Start a Mini-shop

Your residential area is one of the best places to set up your mini-shop. Ensure you load your shop with adequate stock so that people cannot lack what they are looking for.

17. Start An E-commerce Store

Create a clean WordPress e-commerce platform that will ensure you get popular, thus increasing your income.

18. Betting

Betting is a way out, as it is always easy money. Gambling earns you money on a daily basis, although it depends on your luck.

19. Daycare Services

Perhaps you live in an area full of children with busy parents. Starting a daycare is a lucrative venture for you as you only need toys and clients who will pay you on a daily basis.

20. Transcriptions

To work as a transcription freelancer, you will need to have a laptop or a smartphone. Here, you are assigned tasks according to your site’s scheduler and the number of tasks you sign up for.

21. Start Online Surveying

There are many online survey sites that you can work with and make 5,000 per day. You can do a healthcare survey, a baking survey, among other fields that you are best in.

These are the best opportunities for you as an individual to delve into and make 5,000 per day.

Businesses to Start with 5,000 in Kenya

Perhaps you are interested in knowing what business you can start with 5,000 in Kenya. They include:

  1. Cosmetics selling.
  2. Water distribution.
  3. Selling perfumes.
  4. Selling doormats.
  5. Fruit vending business.
  6. Flipping domains.

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