How To Make Money Online; Jacobs’s Success Stories

How to make money online: Jacob's Success Stories

From rags to riches, meet a successful entrepreneur Jacob Omondi a former Kenyan street boy whose success stories is a proof that no situation is permanent. He made it, and you can do better. Lets get into details.

Real NameJacob Omondi
Celebrity NameJacob Omondi
Birth PlaceNyando, Kisumu
School Onjiko Primary School
College N/A
ParentsFather- Nation Juma (Former Crane Operator)
Mother- Gaudensia Aoko
Siblings4 Sisters 4 Brothers
Spouse/Wife NationalityMarie Delcol (Belgian & Polish Nationality)
ChildrenEmanuel Omondi
CareerEntrepreneur, Fashion Designer, Went to England for Voluntary Job,
CBO Staff, Nyando MP Driver, Boda boda,
Supermarket Attendant, Construction Worker


Jacob Omondi is a Belgium resident, originally from Kenya whose life transformation success stories is testimony that is worth sharing. Currently, he owns a cloth, bags, and shoe line of his unique African inspired designs which he shares on his Instagram. His business success is a true example of how to make money online. He is happily married to a Belgian-Polish lady, and they are blessing with one child.

His life has been transformed from rags to riches. If Jacob made it this far, you can also do it. Here is his story.

Biography And Early Life

Sad Memories

Jacob is a Kenyan citizen by birth. He is originally from Nyando, Nyakach Constituency, Kisumu County. Jacob was born in a family of nine. He has eight siblings; four sisters and four brothers. His early life has been sorrowful. He lost two brothers. His father also died on his line of duty in Voi, Mombasa.

His mother is a hardworking business lady. Jacob survived his way out in a low-class family with his mother as the breadwinner and a single parent even before his father’s sudden demise.

Jacob grew up to witness very traumatic instances that caused him to go through so much pain. For example, his father was an absent dad. Whenever he was around, his irresponsibility drew him away from his children. His elder brother got involved in a bicycle accident that resulted in opening up of his belly and he died the same fateful day.

His stepbrother hit his sister with a metallic object on her head that resulted in opening up her skull. Luckily, she survived the ordeal but has been struggling with memory loss since then. The other brother died in the Northwest of Uganda, Masindi, and was buried in a borrowed land. Sadly, owner of the land performed a mysterious ritual. The field owner almost fed them on their late brother’s flesh and blood’s body which was later confirmed to be missing. Thanks to some well-wishers who saved them.

Sweet Memories

Omondi has sweet memories of his early childhood. As the custom of his community, parents sent their children to play away from home. Jacob interacted with children of his age all over the area as far as he could go. Some of the activities he enjoyed in his younger years were; plastic bags soccer game, dancing in the rain, street fighting, tug of war, and many more.

He also loved watching specific TV programs in a friend’s house for entertainment or moral lessons. Some of the programs include; Captain Planet, Thunder cats, wrestling, and My Little Pony among others.  Jacob also enjoyed watching the free Cinema every month aired by the Kenya cinema in the village in the 1990s.


Jacob attended a local rural primary school in his hometown. Although he faced so many challenges through his primary level, he had dreams of becoming a pilot. He grew up among his peers and engaged in an adventurous activity after school.

His dream of pursuing a piloting course was limited due to a lack of finances to fund his education. As a result, he dropped out of school and joined Boda boda ridders with a borrowed bicycle to support his sisters in school and help his mother fend for the family’s needs.

Personal Life

At one point, Jacob’s stepbrother stayed with them after escaping from Ugandan prison. Being a bad boy, he beat their mother who was forced to seek refuge in a distant friend’s house leaving the other children behind.

On one encounter, Jacob was thoroughly flogged by his stepbrother when he defied his brother’s orders to taste the cooking beans. Jacob’s younger sister still bears the marks on her back up to date for meddling in the fight. It is at that point that Jacob decided to go to Mombasa in search of his father. His trip to Mombasa was not sweet since he walked from Kisumu to Nairobi and only obtained unauthorized lift twice by hanging on trucks.

Jacob had no idea where to find his father ended up in Mombasa’s street from 2007-2010 with nobody to run to and no home for shelter. He was so determined to create change that he did not allow himself to consume drugs despite living as a street child.

His turn to shine came unannounced. Four months before he left to England for a volunteer job that he had applied before, Omondi stumbled into a young beautiful Belgian lady who was lost at JKIA. At that time, he was a Boda Boda. He helped her find her way and booked her a room at the Oakland hotel. He took her to Masai mara for a trip, and they started dating after three weeks. Through it all, they are now happily married and blessed with a baby boy named Emanuel. 

 Professional Career

His moral standards led him to seek a job at the construction site. The building owner, Charles, was impressed with his hard work and gave him a job at the supermarket as a shop steward at Budget Stores Supermarket. He supported his sisters through secondary school but later lost his job due to differences with the manager. 

He had no option but to go back to the village. He engaged in Boda Boda business after buying a second-hand bicycle for, Ksh. 1,400 from a colleague and that is how he was nicknamed 14.

After two years, his sisters begged him to stop the job since he had started developing genital complications but he couldn’t since he was the family’s breadwinner.

He used to transport Centers’ members for International Voluntary Services in Nyando (CBO or CIVS) from work to their residence and vice versa or whenever they visited new places like Obama’s grandmother. Finally, Jacob was accepted at the Organisation.

He volunteered for about two years and was recommended by Jesse or ‘papa’ for office work training that opened a door for him to another organization at Mesora plaza, Buruburu, Nairobi, in 2013-2016. He has also been a part time driver to Nyando MP, Jared Odoyo Okello.

While working in Nairobi, he applied for a visa to the UK at TLS for a volunteer exchange program. He was determined to work abroad to prove to his new girlfriend that he can make it. Jacob managed to get a visa after several times being rejected. He went to the UK for the program on a nine-month project and gradually grew his current position.

He also owns an online store for custom made African bags, shoes, dress, and many more. Have a look at Jacob Omondi’s Instagram page for more designs.

Also, he can be a great inspiration and mentor to someone looking for how to make money online in Kenya through Instagram. Being a well travelled entrepreneur, he can have much to offer.

Interesting Facts

  • While on Mombasa’s streets, he attempted smoking bang twice and only used glue since there were things you can’t do when sober such as eating garbage.
  • Jacob almost landed in Kenya’s maximum prison at the airport. His friend has set a trap for him in his travelling bag but merely escaped.
  • From 2004- 2006. Jacob has supplied milk for Talia Oyando and the late Erick Opany
  • Jacob acknowledges Senior Mambo Pinto, his best adult education teacher for constantly not giving up on him.


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Jacob attributes his success to the favour that God bestowed upon him throughout his journey of success. It is evident that how to become rich can be a process that requires determination. He maintained a positive attitude even where time defined impossibilities. He quotes Romans 8:16, ‘For his Spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children.’ He also mentions a quote in Ecclesiastes 9: 11 ‘…Time and chance happen to them all. Jacob urges individuals of all categories and races not to give up for one day, and one morning favour will locate you, keep working hard.

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