How to Pay NHIF Via Mpesa | Paybill 200222, Solved!

Mpesa services have made life easier for Kenyans as payments can be done in the comfort of your seat at an affordable transaction cost. Besides, Mpesa payments are always direct and instant messages are sent to you showing the transaction that has taken place. 

Perhaps you are wondering how to pay for NHIF via Mpesa. Worry not, because I am here for you. I will guide you through various informative details, including the procedure on how to pay NHIF for the self-employed. Stay tuned and read this article till the end.

Let us get started on how to pay NHIF via Mpesa;

  1. Go to your Sim Toolkit Menu.
  2. Select your Mpesa.
  3. Click Lipa na Mpesa.
  4. Select Pay bill options.
  5. Enter your business number as “200222.”
  6. Key in your national identity card number as your account number.
  7. Enter the amount you intend to pay.
  8. Key in your pin number. Remember “Pin Yako Siri Yako.”
  9. Confirm the details and press OK to complete the transaction.
  10. A notification will be sent to you showing your payment was successful.

This is how you pay for NHIF via Mpesa for self-employed or company employees.

You may want to know the NHIF paybill number for employers, which is 200222. This is keyed in as your business number during the payment process.


To sum up, NHIF caters to a lot of hospital expenses. This insurance cover is helpful as any person from any background can have it. Besides, NHIF has improved its methods of payment, so one is able to pay via Mpesa in the comfort of their home.

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