How To Save Money In 15, 000 Salary In Kenya Easily & Wisely

How To Save Money In 15, 000 Salary In Kenya

Saving has often be a problem to many and you are not alone. However, today I am giving you tips to survive and even save a 15,000 salary.

Generally, you have to understand all your expenses and avoid the living once notion of many youths than lure them to spend carelessly forgetting that that salary is to sustain you the whole month.

So, lets gets started and analyze how to save money in 15,000 salary better and wiser:

Step 1: Have A Saving Plan

Ensure you secure about Ksh. 3,000 or more every month which is 20% of Ksh. 15,000.

As you advance to a higher salary scheme you may need to save even more.

Step 2: Write Down Your Shopping List

Before you start spending on household requirement, ensure you have a shopping list.

The list should entail prioritized needs from the most important to the list.

Step 3: Go For Needs Not Wants

Exempt luxurious items and maintain mostly those of basic nature. With Ksh. 15,000 salary per month, forget about cravings and pear pressure.

Go for what is within your limit. Let what you can’t afford be a target to achieve in your next salary scheme.

Step 4: Cook More Than Buying Ready Made Food

For your daily food, purpose deliberately to eat homemade. Avoid lunching in hotels and carry packed lunch from home.

You can also reduce on ready to eat foods such as bread, doughs etc and prepare your own accompaniment dishes. Remember, its not so wrong to eat left over

Step 5: Use Cheaper Transport Means

When considering transportation, select the least charged. For instance, you can board a matatu than a motor bike.

Alternatively, you can commit yourself to trekking to and from work or one way if possible.

Step 6: Keep Your Rental Expenses Low

Your rental needs should not exceed 30% of Ksh. 15,000; that is Ksh. 4,500. Rental expenses include, rent, power, water, security and garbage collection. You can save more if you stick to a strict budget scale.

I believe following this tips you will become a better saver and live within your means with the 15k salary. All the best.

Step 7: Start A Side Hustle

You do not need too much money to start a business in Kenya. Remember the more money you have the more chances for you to save. In fact check out this article

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