How To Start A Bookshop In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A Bookshop In Kenya Easily For Profits

Due to the availability of several schools of all levels, creation of bookshop business opportunity was created due to the demand of books. Learning is made efficient due to the availability of bookshops in Kenya as they supply books used in studying.

Many students equip themselves with the stationeries sold in the bookshops. Besides, bookshop business has also helped in creating business opportunities for many Kenyans as labour is required to run this bookshop smoothly. This has really helped in minimizing unemployment issues in the country at large.

Here are the steps to follow on how to start a bookshop in Kenya:

1.Write your bookshop business plan that will help you implement your strategies to achieve your goals.

2.Equip yourself with the necessary skills that are required to run your bookshop.

3.Locate a strategic place where you can target a lot of customers.

4.Apply for a bookshop business permit.

5.Rent a space where you will set up your bookshop.

6.Hire few staff to help you run your bookshop.

7.Identify your supplier who will sell items in wholesale.

8.Buy your stationeries that you will sell to your target market.

Congratulations, you can now set up to your stationery business in Kenya without any difficulties.

Things To Sell In A Bookshop

Perhaps you are stranded on what to sell in a bookshop. I have a place for you because I am going to show you what to sell in your bookshop:

a. Variety of books.

b. Reading Accessories.

c. Writing supplies and accessories.

d. Journals.


In a final analysis, bookshop business is a highly profitable business in the current world due to the education systems in the country. Besides, items sold in a bookshop are more demanded by the target market thus earning more income on a daily basis. Start a bookshop business and watch yourself becoming more rich in future.

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