How To Start A Car wash Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A Car wash Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Car owning is becoming a normal thing in the industrial error making a car wash business be on a higher demand.

Car wash business has helped in cleaning various things not only vehicles but also carpets, motor cycles, bicycles among others.

Also, car wash business must not necessarily have to be in a fixed place. You may also decide to start a mobile care wash business in Kenya that is flexible in terms of movement.

I don’t want to waste more of your time, let us get started on how to start a car wash business in Kenya:

Step 1: Have your capital from either your savings or loans.

Step 2: Write an effective car wash business plan.

Step 3: Identify a strategic piece of land where you may buy or rent.

Step 4: Apply for a car wash business license.

Step 5: Purchase the car wash equipment such as washing machine, among others.

Step 6: Hire personnel that will help you in offering car wash services.

Step 7: Market your car wash business mainly through advertisements.

Success stories of car wash business in Kenya includes the following steps that helped them in having a prosperous car wash business.

Cost Of Starting A Car Wash In Kenya

How much do I need to start a car wash in Kenya? Cost of starting a car wash business in Kenya requires a minimum capital of Ksh.50,000 and a maximum amount of Ksh.1,000,000.

It means any person can venture into a car wash business without any difficulties. You only need a few starting capital and a strategic place.

Cost To Buy Car Wash

You may also be interested in knowing the car wash business for sale in Kenya. Car wash for sale can range from as low as Ksh.130,000 to as high as Ksh.1,500,000 depending on the car wash designs in Kenya.

Buying a car wash that already existed is easier to run and earns higher profit than a freshly started car wash business.

Car Wash Equipment Prices In Kenya

The following are the average prices of cost of car wash equipment in the market and a slight variation can occur depending on your exact locality:

1. Portable car washing machine at Ksh.5,000.

2. High pressure car wash machine at Ksh.40,000.

3. Vacuum cleaner and detergents at Ksh.50,000.

4. Water tank at Ksh.20,000.

5. Car drier systems at Ksh.34,000.

6. Wands and brushes at Ksh.6,000.

7. Boom Accessories at Ksh.12,000.

Car Wash Profitability In Kenya

Perhaps you are wondering, is car wash business profitable in Kenya? Yes, car wash business is a more profitable business in Kenya due as more people earn cars, vehicles, and even carpets.

Besides, a lot of cars have gotten their ways in Kenya making car wash business in high demand.


To conclude, car wash business is a business that one would go for it due to its affordable capital start up and higher profits at the end. Invest in your car wash business in order to achieve more.

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