How To Start A Real Estate Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A Real Estate Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Real Estate Business is one of the most lucrative businesses that one could delve into and make more profits. Besides, many people have not discovered yet so it is less competitive. Perhaps you are wondering how to invest in real estate with little money in Kenya, do not stress yourself because you are in the right place.

Real Estate Business in Nairobi has always been a success and therefore I would advise you to go for this business. Also, you can specialize in land buying and selling business in Kenya which is also profitable.

Without further ado, let us get started on how to start a real estate business in Kenya:

Step 1: Conduct a thorough market research about real estate business to know whether you will invest in domestic or foreign real estate business.

Step 2: Have a strategic real estate business plan that will act as your compass in the starting and managing of your business.

Step 3: Build a trusted team that will help you in forming a company. Building a team will make your work easier. Having competent workers will boost your company to higher levels.

Step 4: Obtaining contracts. Before signing contracts, perform a due diligence since once a property is purchased it cannot be returned.

Step 5: Insurance of the property that will cater for any risky activity such as fire, among others.

Step 6: Specializing in the type of real estate business such as commercial real estate, industrial real estate, residential real estate, etc.

Step 7: Market your business by advertising in televisions, newspapers, radios, social media platforms, among others.

This step will help you in your real estate business.

Requirements to Open a Real Estate Company in Kenya

You may also desire to know the requirements to open a real estate company in Kenya which include:

1.Filling of the application form of real estate business registration.

2.Engaging a lawyer who is your legal advisor.

3.Registration of your business.

4.Acquire permits to avoid trouble with the authorities.

5.Submitting application form, certificate of incorporation, articles and memorandum association.

6.Payments of fees on approval.

7.Issuing of the certificate registration of the real estate.

These are the requirements to start a real estate company.


In summary, real estate business has brought more good to the society and Kenya’s economy at large. Obtaining the documents required for real estate business will help in playing a bigger role in setting up your company.

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