How To Buy Land In Kenya | Legally For Best Deal

How To Buy Land In Kenya | Legally For Best Deal

Land is a basic factor of production that is required for any activity to take place. Many activities take place on land such as farming, among others.

Land buying has been the most recent activity that is taking place in the country due to the growth of industries and also home for settlement.

It is very important for you to know the legal procedure of buying land so as to avoid inconveniences.

Procedure For Buying Land In Kenya

Let us get started on the procedure of how to buy land in Kenya:

Step 1: Identify the land and its existence and its’ title ownership through land search registry for Ksh. 520.

Step 2: Hire a lawyer who will help you in the negotiation.

Step 3: Agreement on sale of the land is made and one can also pay deposit.

Step 4: Land rates payment are also done

Step 5: Transfer of documents and consent to transfer.

Step 6: Valuation process takes place for the purpose of Stamp duty which is made to the government valuer.

Step 7: Payment of Stamp duty occurs.

Step 8: Registration of transfer of documents.

Step 9: Exchange of documents and ownership.

This will help you avoid being conned by con-men around the country.

Factors To Consider When Buying Land In Kenya

This is what to consider when buying land in Kenya are as followers:

1. Land Owner Legitimacy.

Legitimacy of the owner. The Identity of the person in the national ID card should match all land documents.

For example, If the seller is Ngiri Moja, and the land title reads Moja Ngiri be alert as you can be conned since legally these are two different persons.

Also, after land search in the Kenya land registry should match owner identities.

2.Land Layout

Confirm with your lawyer whether the land meet the required standards. Do not buy government land.

3.Riparian Land

Than that is near water body is a riparian land and can easily be reclaimed back by the government unless the land is in the safe distance from the water body.

4.Road Reserve

Even if the are looks underdeveloped and perhaps bushy, there is a town plan that has all roads to be constructed.

Be sure to check it out and not face eviction in future of residing in an area reserved for road.


Safety is paramount whether you will live there or other people will live or do business in that place. .

A friend of mine once told me that if you are new to a place and the first thing you see are so many lost ID cards hanged around, that should immediately send you a signal that those were once victims of crime.

Do not buy from that place, and any other alarm from what people say.

6.Accessibility of Essential Services

Health is an important factor for every human being.

Be sure where you are buying land there is  a health facility nearby just in case you or your loved one gets ill in the wee hours of the night or need an emergency medical assistance.

Questions To Ask When Buying Land In Kenya

There are important question that you should ask for clear clarification. Example of these questions are as follows:

What is the plot size?

Is title deed freehold or on the lease?

Is the title deed in your name or your father’s name or company or family or group name?

How long to transfer title deed to my name?

Do you have a plot map?

What are the payment terms?

Who pays stamp duty and when is it paid?

After I complete payment what next?

Is the sale within the market price?

Where is the land?

How do you protect buyer interest?

These are some of the questions that you should always ask before buying land to prevent regrets.

Ways Of Acquiring Land In Kenya

You may also be interested in knowing the ways of acquiring land in Kenya and this includes:

1.Transfer of property.

2.Government Allocation.

3.Land transmission.


5.Compulsory acquisitions.

6.Settlement Program

7.Adverse possession


In brief, land buying is always easy when you follow the legal procedure of buying land. This will help you avoid fraud cases hence safe.

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