How To Start A Recruitment Agency In Kenya Easily For Profit

How To Start A Recruitment Agency In Kenya Easily For Profit

A recruitment agency is an external firm that is tasked by employers of certain companies to find suitable candidates that will suit the vacant positions in their business firms. A recruitment agency is therefore a lucrative business that one can delve into and I will show you how to a recruitment agencies work.

Without further ado let us begin on how to start a recruitment agency in Kenya that will work well for you:

1. Thorough Research On The Recruitment Services.

You should thoroughly research on the recruitment services that you can offer in Kenya without difficulties. This will help you settle in the recruitment agency that will earn you more profits.

2. Specify The Type Of Recruitment Agency That You Will Major In.

After researching, choose your recruitment agency that will work well for you and focus on it to ensure it’s growth.

3. Assessment Of Your Recruitment Skills.

You should be competent enough in order to provide effective guidelines to the applicants. Also, if you are not well experienced you can start by learning in order to gain more knowledge.

4. Calculations Of The Start Up Capital

Effective calculations will help you avoid overspending on the unnecessary items. Besides, be specific on how much you will pay your employees, running costs, renting fees that is if you will operate in the renting premises.

5. Obtaining The Required Licenses

Having your business license will help you avoid inconveniences from the government. It also makes your business identified in the country.

6. Locating An Ideal Place For Your Recruitment Agency

Having a strategic place that is easily located by clients. This will make you have lots of people at your door step thus making more profits.

7. Marketing Your Business

Have a strategic plan on marketing your business so that it can be widely known. Advertising it through the media, magazines, among other advertising platforms.

This simple steps will help you establish an effective recruitment agency in Kenya.

Requirements For A Recruitment Agency

Agency requirements include:

  • Licenses by the County Government in the area of operation.
  • National Identity Cards of the directors.
  • Tax compliance certificates.
  • Lease or Tenancy agreement.
  • Certificate of good conduct.
  • Work permits.

Recruitment agency registration is always easy based on the information that you have.

Are you curious to know how much do recruitment agencies charge in Kenya? Standard recruitment fee is 10-15% of a first-year salary for a permanent job the recruiter is filling.


In the final analysis, a recruitment agency in Kenya is the best business in Kenya that earns more profits. Invest today in Recruitment Agency business in Kenya to enjoy a better tomorrow.

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