How To Start A School In Kenya Easily & Legally Today

How To Start A School In Kenya Easily & Legally Today

Learning is always a priority for every child as education is the key to many success in the future.

In as much as the government has build several schools, there is still need to start schools in Kenya due to the high population of students that cannot be accommodated in public schools.

Besides, many parents believe in private schools as they always offer the best education to their children.

Perhaps you are stranded on how to start a kindergarten school in Kenya. I got you covered as I will show you a procedure that will work well for you.

Procedure of starting a private school is always simple although it highly depends on the information that you have. In addition to that, there are various requirements for starting a school in Kenya which I will also show you in this article.

This is how to start a school in Kenya:

Step 1: Identify the level in which you want to start your school such as kindergarten, college, etc.

Step 2:Write down an effective school plan that includes the mission and the vision of the school which should always consist of values, curriculum and learners goals.

Step 3: Select your private school committee that will help you in achieving the goals that you set as your main objectives.

Step 4: Register your school as a company in Kenya using the registration process of a company in Kenya.

Step 5: Register your school with the ministry of education which will give you the permit to run your school.

Step 6: Find a suitable location to set up your school. You should consider factors like water, security, accessibility among other factors.

Step 7: Hire qualified personnel such as accountant, manager, teachers and this panel should be there before launching of your school.

Step 8: Buy the required equipment that is required in schools such as seats, tables among others.

Step 9: Market your school mainly through advertisements.

This procedure can also be used on how to start a college in Kenya.

Requirements For Starting A Primary Private School In Kenya

There are various requirements for opening a primary school which include:

1. Well completed and signed application forms for the institution.

2. Satisfying recent full school inspection report from the DEO’s that is stamped and signed.

3. A title deed or a lease agreement that is not less than 8 years.

4. Certified copies of your hired professional staff.

5. A certified copy of school registration form showing the registration of the institutions business name.

These are some of the requirements of starting a school in Kenya.

Cost Of Starting A Private School In Kenya

Are you curious to know how much does it cost to start a private school in Kenya? It costs an average of Ksh.1,200,000 to start a private school in Kenya.


Invest today in private school business and you will not regret as it earns high profits on a daily basis.

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