How To Start Shoe Selling Business In Kenya Easily For Profit

How To Start Shoe Selling Business In Kenya Easily For Profit

Shoe selling business is a good venture that needs no certification to start. Perhaps you are stranded on how to start a small shoe retail store. I have very simple steps that will work well for you as a starter and fetch more profits in return.

Besides, this business requires little capital which is the same as how to start a shoe business with no money. In this article, I want to take you through how to start shoe selling business in Kenya:

Step 1: Thorough Market Research

This will help you identify your target market that will help your business be a fast moving business. Besides, many individuals prefer ladies shoes compared to men’s wear since ladies shoes are more marketable. This therefore calls for how to start a ladies shoe business in Kenya which is as simple as ABC.

Step 2: Draft A Strategic Shoe Business Plan.

This will act as your guidelines which helps you avoid overspending on the unnecessary things. This plan should include:

  • Start up capital.
  • Source of your capital.
  • Market where you will be buying shoes.

Step 3: Locate An Ideal Place

A strategic Location such as busy towns will help you in getting more customers at your doorstep making you earn more profits.

Step 4: Applying For A Business Permit

You should apply for a business permit that will help your business be identified as a legit business in Kenya. Besides, business permit will help you avoid government troubles.

Step 5: Marketing Your Shoes Business

Marketing your business mainly through advertisements will make your business popular thus fetching you more customers.

These steps will help you on how to start a shoe business from home without any difficulties.

Is Shoe Business Profitable in Kenya?

Yes, shoe business is profitable in Kenya. Show making business in Kenya earns more profit since shoes are like basic requirements for any human from school shoes, home wear to event wear. Besides, sellers buy at a cheaper price and sell them at a relatively higher price therefore fetching more profits.

Wrap Up

Shoe Selling business is a very lucrative business in Kenya. Invest your savings in it and you will not regret due to the high returns it gives. Also, it helps in creating job opportunities for many individuals.

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