How To Start A Mitumba Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start A Mitumba Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Dressing up in unique clothes is what many people in Kenya aspire to do. Mitumba gives people the chance to dress up nicely at an affordable cost.

This creates the demand for Mitumba thus making Mitumba Business a lucrative business idea that is worthwhile to venture into.

Maybe you are wondering how to import mitumba bales in Kenya or rather how much is a bale of Mitumba in Kenya. Worry less because I got you covered in this article.

Are you curious to know how to do mitumba business from home? Infact this is the most preferred way because it is cheaper and it is very flexible in that you can work at home without any stress about family.

Here is the process on how to start a mitumba business in Kenya that will thrive well:

Step 1. Put your capital together of Ksh.500 to Ksh.100,000 depending on the type of Mitumba Business you want to set up.

Step 2. Do your thorough market research in order to identify your target market such as colleagues, neighbors, youths, among others.

Step 3. Draft a strategic business plan of a mitumba business. This mitumba business plan

Step 4. Locate an ideal place that will make you have many customers who will buy your mitumba clothes.

Step 5. Find yourself a reliable supplier who will supply you with mitumba bales without delays.

Step 6. Buy your mitumba stock and launch your mitumba business without any worries.

As a beginner, do not buy wholesale bales as a starter since you can easily be conned when you buy from a wrong supplier.

Many first timers have a history of receiving bales of used wedding dress, used dust coats, grade d mitumba etc yet they ordered baby clothes.

Until, you master the business start small by going to hand pick one by one yourself in Gikomba market very early in the morning if you are in Nairobi.

For best deals be in the market before 7 am, if you can be there by 6 am you can get camera deals which have more resell value.

This is the easiest procedure that will help you in your mitumba business as a beginner.

Mitumba Bales Categories

Also, know that mitumba are categorized in grades:

Grade A: This is a grade of mitumba clothes that are almost new. These are camera mitumba and earn most profits. Most expensive bales.

Grade B: These second-hand clothes are used, but slightly, leaving them in good condition. You can get a few camera and make good money.

Grade C: These are second-hand clothes that come with minor defects including dents and ink spills. These defects can be corrected before the sale.

Grade D: These second-hand clothes come with major defects that cannot be adjusted by the seller. They are sold the cheapest because of their condition.

Ways To Grow Your Mitumba Business

You may also wish to know how to grow in mitumba business which I am going to show you:

1. Having a strategic place will help you get customers in plenty.

2. Investing more in your mitumba business.

3. Reliable supplier who will help you have the stock in continuous especially camera (best) deals

4. Serving customers with good attitude.

5. Minimizing engaging in debts.

You can as well specialize in buying camera mitumba dresses and selling them at affordable prices.


In the final analysis, mitumba bales prices Mombasa or any other part of the country is always affordable and after selling of the clothes one earns more profits in return making mitumba business the top most business with highest profits.

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