How To Start Timber Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start Timber Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Kenya being one of the developing countries it offers a wide opportunity for one to delve into various businesses. Have you ever asked yourself how is timber business in Kenya? Having a side hustle in timber business is  key in order to have a financial freedom even though one is employed.

In addition, timber business is a very lucrative business idea to delve into for you as a job-hunting person or employed person as it fetches high profits in return.

An added advantage about this business is that it has minimum competition compared to other businesses in Kenya leading to high demand thus high incomes at the of the tunnel.

I am going to show you how to make money in timber business using the easiest way possible that you will not regret.

Let us first start on the procedure on how to start timber business in Kenya:

Step 1. Do Market Research

Invest your time in market research in order to identify your target market. Focus on the competitive side in order to provide quality timber that will help you have customers at your door step. Timber market in Kenya is not flooded thus creating the demand for timber in the country at large.

Step 2. Have a Business Plan

Draft an effective timber business plan that will act as your framework in starting and running of your timber business in Kenya.

Step 3. Find Strategic Location

Locate a strategic timber business location. This is very key as it will help you be exposed to a variety of customers making it a fast business around the area of operation.

Step 4. Get Permit

Obtain the required business license in order to run your business smoothly without disturbances from the local authorities.

Step 5. Find Supplier

Get yourself a reliable timber supplier who will always supply you with quality timber when you run out of stock.

Step 6. Engage in Marketing

Marketing your timber business. This is mainly done through advertisements in various social media platforms among others.

I hope this procedure has been an eye opener for you as a starter in this timber business.

You may also wish to know the current timber prices in Kenya. Timber prices in Kenya are relatively low from the supplier but sold at a relatively high prices to individuals making this a high fetching profit venture in Kenya. Besides, timber prices highly vary depending on the type of timber and the sizes.


To sum up, there are many successful timber business stories that motivate you as an individual in this business. It has brought financial freedom for many Kenyans and also created job opportunities for the jobless citizens in the country.

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