How To Start Underwear Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

How To Start Underwear Business In Kenya Easily For Profits

Underwear business is one of the best ventures for an individual due to the high demand that is created within the market structure as there is a very minimum competition between sellers. An added advantage about underwear business is that it requires little capital to start this business and the more you delve into it invest more money so as to fetch more profits.

How to start a shapewear business highly depends on the basic information that you have in hand that will help you run a successful business. In this article I am going to take you through on how to start underwear business in Kenya:

1.Thourough market research for small underwear  business in order to identify your target market and also the competition curve that tags along.

2.Draft a strategic underwear business plan which will be your guide through the starting and running process of your underwear business.

3.Locate an ideal place. This is very key in this business since it determines the number of customers at your doorstep on a daily basis.

4.Permit applications. You require business licenses and permits that will help you sell your underwear stock across the country.

5.Get yourself a reliable underwear supplier who will always supply you with the inventory stock without difficulties.

6.Stock your underwear business by purchasing various sizes for all the customers. Pants and bra business will work well for you when you buy them from a wholesale since they sell at a relatively cheaper price. Eastleigh-garissa market in Nairobi is a great place to source your items in bulk.

7.Market your business by advertising and asking customers to sign up your online newsletter immediately after the purchase.

I hope I have guided you well and I wish you the very best as you start a successful underwear business.

A worrying question in this sector is “is underwear business profitable?” Worry less because profit margin in undergarment business is very high as it is cheap when you buy sell at an affordable fair price thus adding value in terms of profits.


In the final analysis, underwear business has brought more good to the economy due to high profits that one attains after every sell. Invest today in this business and you will never regret.

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