How To Start Wines And Spirit Business In Kenya Easily For Profit

How To Start Wines And Spirit Business In Kenya Easily For Profit

People love having fun during their leisure time and based on statistics many individuals use drinks such as wines and spirit to enjoy themselves. This creates a good opportunity niche where these products will be a fast-moving goods in your business.

Are you asking yourself is wines and spirits business profitable in Kenya? Yes, wines and spirits is the most profitable business in Kenya today that yields to higher returns on a daily basis.

In that case, I want to show you how to make money in the wines and spirits business by showing you simple steps to follow on how to start wines and spirit business in Kenya:

Step 1: Draft an effective wines and spirits business plan in Kenya that will act as your map in starting this business.

Step 2: Identify a strategic Location as this is key in your business since it determines the number of customers in your firm.

Step 3: Registration of your business name through the eCitizen portal and you can only register for only Ksh.1,000.

Step 4: Get yourself a KRA pin in order to pay taxes for your business.

Step 5: Find a reliable liquor supplier who will not fail you when you run out of stock. Besides, the supplier should supply you with wines and spirits in wholesale as this is relatively cheaper compared to buying one item each.

Step 6: Acquire the business permit and licenses and the most important license is the liquor license which goes for Ksh.50,000.

Step 7: Market your business mainly through advertisements to make your business popular.

I hope these steps are useful on how to start wine and spirits wholesale in Kenya.

Starting Capital For Wines And Spirits Business In Kenya

The cost of starting wines and spirits wholesale business in Kenya highly depends on the wines and spirits shop design in Kenya, size and its location. For these reasons, you need an average of Ksh.450,000 to start up your business.


To conclude, venture into wines and spirits business to enjoy more profits in future thus acquiring financial freedom in the society.

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