How to Withdraw Money From Unregistered Mpesa Line | Charges

Mpesa services have made life easier for ordinary Kenyans because the Mpesa lines do not require a bank account. Money transactions can now be done from the comfort of your seat, thanks to Mpesa services on your mobile phone. Mpesa lines can be registered or unregistered. However, both can be used to deposit and withdraw money. 

Do you want to know how to withdraw money from an unregistered Mpesa line? Well, I’ve got you covered since this article will provide you with all the information you require.

Below is the guideline on how to withdraw money from an unregistered Mpesa line:

  1. You will receive a voucher with a code that you will use to withdraw money from the agent.
  2. Sometimes, you may not receive a message. Do not be stranded as you can call 234.
  3. Request for a voucher.
  4. Once you get your voucher, head to the Mpesa Agent.
  5. Ask whether the agent has enough money so that you can withdraw to avoid your transaction being placed in a hanging mode.
  6. Submit your SMS containing the voucher number.
  7. Give the Mpesa agent your phone number.
  8. Provide your original National Identity Card to avoid Mpesa fraudsters.
  9. The agent will key in your voucher code and both of you will receive an instant message showing the transaction.
  10. You are then given the amount of money you withdrew.
  11. Sign the logbook for records by the Mpesa agent.

This is the simplest procedure that you will follow with ease and successfully withdraw your money from your unregistered line.

Mpesa withdrawal charges for unregistered lines are usually slightly higher than registered lines as these costs cover the extra services offered by Safaricom.

Sending money to an unregistered Mpesa user is also simple as the recipient will get a 4 digit voucher code that he or she will use to withdraw money from an agent.


Don’t be concerned anymore, because you can now send and withdraw money using your Mpesa unregistered line easily. Always follow the right procedure to avoid inconveniences that may cost you pennies. 

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