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Karura Forest

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Karura Forest is located in the Northern part of Nairobi Capital City. The urban Forest was gazette in 1932 and became a property of Kenya’s government under the Kenya Forest Services.

Karura Forest covers an area of about 1,041 ha (2,570 acres) and is subdivided into 3 major parts, including; Mid portion measuring 710 ha (1,750 acres), 50 ha (620 acres), Sigiria salient West of the Forest and the rest East of Kiambu.

Karura Forest is one of the most extensive forests in urban areas and contains a variety of indigenous tree species and harbour about 200 different birds.

The Forest has its parking at Limuru Road entrance and end of Thigiri Lane, and driving is allowed only between Limiru Road Gate and KFEET Center at a speed of 20km/h, and motorbikes are strictly not allowed.

Where Is Karura Forest Located?

Karura Forest location/ Karura Forest Directions: Northern Nairobi

Karura Forest Contacts

Phones: +254 (0) 727 818 960

Phones: +254 20 2020285

Phones: 3754904

Phones: 3754905

Phones: 3754906

Email: ecotourism@kenyaforestservice.org

Email: info@kenyaforestservice.org

Karura Forest Charges

Table showing Karura Forest charges

AdultsApproximately Ksh. 100Approximately Ksh. 200Approximately Ksh. 600
ChildrenApproximately Ksh. 50Approximately Ksh. 100Approximately Ksh. 300
Karura Forest Charges/ Entry Fees

Table showing Karura Forest parking fee charges

Type of vehiclesCharges per day (Ksh.)
Bus with more than 32 seatsApproximately Ksh. 500
Minibus with seats ranging from from14- 32Approximately Ksh. 300
Minivan with seats 12Approximately Ksh. 200
Car 4×4 5seaterApproximately Ksh. 100
Karura Forest Charges / Parking Fees

Table showing charge for Karura Forest educational trips

Charges TypePrivate SchoolPublic schools
Per pupilApproximately Ksh. 100Approximately Ksh. 50
Packing feeApproximately Ksh. 500Approximately Ksh. 200
Karura Forest Charges /Educational Trips Fees

Karura Forest Picnics

Visiting members should book for picnics in advance at the he KFEET Center. The management advices the visitors to carry along packed snacks and drinking water and the group should not exceed 25 members.

Erecting of temporary structures such as tents in the forest forest is not allowed. Wild fires, loud musing and litter disposal around are highly prohibited.

Table showing picnic Charges

FeeAdults (12 years and above)Children
Picnic feeApproximately Ksh.150Approximately Ksh.100
Karura Forest Charges For Picnics


The Official Karura Forest Map guide goes for only Ksh. 200. Visitors can purchase the map for picnics at Karura Gardens on Kiambu Road, Kfeet Center, at the Ruaka Swamp, adjacent to Amani Garden and in Sigiria near the Obstacle Course

Activities Found In Karura Forest

Some of the Karura Forest activities include:

  • Trail Biking
  • Viewing the scenic land presentation
  • Dog Guidelines
  • Tennis guidelines
  • Zip lining
  • Team building
  • Sporting and trainings
  • Photo shooting
  • Jogging
  • Tree planting
  • Filming
  • Bird watching
  • Learning
  • Horse ridding
  • Join a fitness course
  • Forest drives

Karura Forest Zip Lining

The responsible team ensures the safety of tourists from end to end. The Zip Lining activity is of an unforgettable experience although it can be overwhelming for first timers and people with height fears, the guides recommend zip lining an activity to help visitors with height fears overcome the fear.

Karura Forest Animals

The forest hosts a number of animals species including; Reptiles, birds, mammals and butterflies. All the visitors are advised not to feed any animals during their adventure as it helps preserve the life of animals. In the recent past, Sykes monkeys have been spotted wearing masks. Find out more from this article Karura Forest Monkey Wears Mask.

Some of the animals include;


  • African Queen
  • Desmond’s Green Banded Swallowtail.


  • Pythons,
  • Green snakes
  • Monitor lizards.
  • Reared fish


  • Olea europeae subsp. auspidata
  • Croton megalocarpus
  • Warburgia ugandensis (Muthiga)
  • Brachyleana huillensis (Muhugu)
  • Uvaridendron anisatum
  • Markhamia lutea
  • Vepris nobilis
  • Juniperus procera (Cedar)
  • Craebean brownii
  • Newtonia buchananii
  • Salvadora persica
  • Ficus thonningii
  • richilia emetica
  • Calondendrum capense 
  • Dombeya goetzenii.


Harvey’s Duiker, Grimm’s Duiker, Bushbucks, Bush pigs, The tree types of antelopes, Genet Cats, Civets, Bush babies, Porcupines, Syke’s Monkeys, Ground Squirrel, Hares, Epauletted-bat

Karura Forest Waterfall

The waterfall provides a scenic view of the falling water to the visitors. The beautiful falling and splashing sounds of the water add to the excitement of the area. The falls have improved the forest economy since filings and video recordings have been done mostly for musicians, reporters’ writers and may body others.

Karura Forest Walking Trail

The forest has tree walking trails identified on the maps identified by colours on the map. They include; 5km yellow,10km blue and 15km green.

Visitors are advised to carry comfortable walking shoes/ trainers for easy streaking since the topography is not all plain. Drinking water is a necessity as the distance is long and tiresome.

There is so much on the way to be recorded or documented; hence, the visitors can carry cameras, binoculars, and writing materials if possible.

The walk has strategic sites of attractions such as the scenic waterfalls. In this area, the late professor Wangari Maathai held meetings against deforestation and pouching, Marked walking trails and many others.

Karura Forest Restaurant

The restaurants located within the Karura forest’s vicinity provide customers with ready meals from the Kenyan market with world-class recipes served at affordable prices. Some of the provided meals include; deserts, snacks, starters, soups, local and international dishes.

River Café Karura Forest

Among the Karura Forest Restaurants, the River Café Karura Forest is strategically located inside the Karura forest and can be reached from Limuru road, across the Belgian Embassy. The restaurant is of a simple setting featuring world-class hospitality services.

The main meals prepared at the café area are from the Kenyan market season with a high-class recipe.

The customers at the restaurant can enjoy a glimpse of Kenya’s natural indicators while having their meals. The café allows panoramic viewing of the forest, bird watching, monkey walks, bike riding and fresh aeration from the lush plantations.

Their menu comprises all-day breakfast, lunch, bverages, snacks and others at subsidized prices with one Espresso and medium roast blend tea/ coffee bag costing Ksh. 2320 each.

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