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The Mediheal Hospital is among the best health care and service providers in the country. The hospital uses innovative modern technology in administering quality medical services to clients through highly trained personnel. Mediheal Hospital is also involved in works of charity in support of the less fortunate in the society.

The facility has several well-equipped hospitals spread across the country. Mediheal hospital, Nairobi, is one of the best health care providers in Nairobi. It has several branches including but not limited to;

Mediheal hospital branchesMediheal Hospital ContactsLocation
Mediheal hospital Upper HillPhone: +254 (0) 712935390Real Tower, Hospital Road, Off Kapiti Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi
Mediheal hospital ParklandsPhone: +254 (0) 722218416 Phone: +254 (0) 777333333Parklands Mediplaza, 3rd Parklands Avenue, Opp Aga-Khan Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya.
Mediheal hospital EastleighPhone: +254 (0) 781445566 Phone: +254 (0) 740445566Section-3,19th street. Eastleigh First Avenue, Nairobi Kenya
Mediheal Hospital Branches In Nairobi

Mediheal Hospital Maternity Charges

The facility offers a variety services to expectant women at subsidized price. Mediheal maternity charges charges varies depending on which package suits your specific needs since every client is unique and desires special service.

Mediheal Hospital Maternity Package offered to expectant women caters for a variety of needs at affordable rates. Some of the Mediheal maternity packages include;

  • Antenatal Services
  • Postnatal Services
  • Normal deliveries
  • Caesarian Section and many others

Mediheal Hospital Maternity Charges for Eastleigh branch are shown below. The charges are almost the same for other branches.

Mediheal Charges for MaternityMediheal Hospital Charges
Caesarean DeliveryKsh. 120,000
Normal DeliveryKsh. 50,000-60,000
Mediheal Hospital Maternity Charges

Mediheal consultation Fee is ksh 1,500 for Eastleigh branch

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Payment of the bills can entail the uses of

  • Out of pocket payment
  • Mobile apps and mobile banking
  • Cheques
  • NHIF
  • Private Insurance Companies

Does Mediheal Accept NHIF?

Yes, the hospital accept NHIF. The Mediheal Hospital is NHIF accredited for registered clients to enjoy inpatient and outpatient services.

Medical Facility: Mediheal Hospital Eastleigh (Eastleigh) -NHIF Code: 80008431

Medical Facility: Mediheal Hospital Parklands (Westlands)-NHIF Code: 80001138

Insurance Companies Working With Mediheal Hospital

Private insurance companies in Kenya are helpful in easing your medical bill payment among other services. You can check our category Insurance Companies In Kenya to see how much an insurance company of your interest is willing to pay for your medical bills.

The list can be lengthy since the hospital has more than 250 insurance companies it works with. However, below are a few randomly selected accepted insurance companies that work together with Mediheal Hospital.

  • Madison Insurance
  • Resolution Insurance
  • Britam Insurance
  • CIC Insurance. and many more

Mediheal Hospital Gynaecologist

Mediheal Hospital has specialized obstetrics and gynecologist who provide quality services to women with research-based care in all life stages. One of the hospital’s highly skilled doctors is Dr. S.R. Mishra.

The Obstetrics Specialties Include:

  • High-risk Pregnancies
  • Birthing Center
  • Prenatal Testing
  • Fetal Assessment
  • ART
  • Fetal Therapy

Gynaecological Specialties Include:

  • HIV Women’s Health
  • Cervical Dysplasia
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Menopause
  • Pelvic Floor Disorders
  • Gynaecologic Cancers
  • Urinary Incontinence

Mediheal Hospital Parklands

One of the hospital branches is the Mediheal Hospital Parklands. The medical center is specifically known as a Diagnostic and Fertility Centre that was established in 2006. The hospital provides international medical care and quality services that are cost effective.  

Mediheal Hospital Parklands Address

Email Address:

P.O. Box 39698 – 00623, Parklands Mediplaza, 3rd Parklands Avenue, Opp Aga-Khan Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya.

Mediheal Hospital Parklands Contacts

Phone: +254 (0) 722218416

Phone: +254 (0) 777333333

Hotline: +254 702000888

Hotline: +254 706000888

About Mediheal Parklands Doctors

A few resident doctors’ field of practice in Parklands include:

  • Internal medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Noninvasive pain management
  • Cosmetic medicine and surgery
  • Cardiology

Some of the services provided include in Mediheal Hospital Parklands are;

  • And others dialysis
  • Radiology services
  • Dental services
  • Daycare procedures.
  • Pharmacy services
  • Laboratory services
  • Ivf

Mediheal Hospital Eastleigh

Mediheal Hospital Eastleigh Contacts

Phone: +254 (0) 781445566 Phone: +254 (0) 740445566

Mediheal Hospital Eastleigh Directions

Mediheal hospital Eastleigh location is along:

Section-3,19th street. Eastleigh First Avenue, Nairobi Kenya

Other Services Provided By Mediheal Hospital

In-Vitro Fertilization Services

Mediheal Hospital Has special categorized fertility services of modern technology done by medical specialists dedicated to help women with fertility issues. The method is also referred to as Assisted Reproductive Technology that apply to fertility cases where medical and surgical interventions have not been successful.

Insemination, sperm injections and other forms of fertility apply.

Laboratory services

Mediheal provides laboratory testing services to inpatient and outpatient services as prescribed by the doctor. The hospital provides Health checkup packages for both male and female individuals especially the elderly and international patients at reasonable prices.

The hospital laboratory has highly qualified staff including, microbiologist, pathologist, biochemists and many others offering a variety of services to patients according to their need.

Theatre services

Mediheal hospital applies modern theatre technology to enhance patient operations with minimal infection rate. The surgical team is focused on the patient’s well being to effect good health and they work on a 24hr basis clock system responding to patients before, after and during the surgical procedures.

Some of the surgeries include; Stomach surgery, esophageal surgery, Pancreatic surgery, Liver surgery, Peripheral vascular surgery, traumatic surgeries, Gallbladder surgery, Hernia surgery, colonoscopy, endoscopy, gastroscopy and many other surgical procedures.              

Accident And Emergency services

Mediheal Hospital provides medical emergency services to individuals on a 24hr basis. The hospital is equipped with well-trained health care providers who offering specialized first aid services to casualties involved in accidental issue. The A&E is fully enhanced with resuscitation, pain relievers minor and major surgery equipment.

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Mediheal hospital maternity charges are affordable. Besides, the hospital has many branches such as Mediheal Hospital Parklands, and Mediheal Hospital Eastleigh. Besides, you need to pay Mediheal consultation fee for most services which can be enquired using the Mediheal Hospital contacts.

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