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St Francis Hospital Kasarani

Find out St. Francis Hospital Kasarani maternity charges, maternity package, NHIF code, contacts, location, gynaecologist, operating hours, insurance companies, and more…

St Francis hospital is a Non-Comprehensive Hospital. Meaning; It is a Faith-based and Private Hospital, that is committed to offer clients and the society, effective, timely and quality services.

The hospital was founded in the Spirit of St. Francis of Assisi and has grown to be a Level 5, Teaching and Referral Hospital which offers; spiritual, economic, human and intellectual needs. The hospital is also referred to as St. Francis Community Hospital-Nairobi.

The hospital working hours include;

     Monday-Friday :24 Hours Service

    Saturday: 24 Hours Service

    Sunday :24 Hours Service

St Francis Hospital Kasarani Contacts

The following are St Francis Hospital contacts:

Phone: 0736 562277

Phone: 020 2445811

Phone: 0713 969 608

St Francis Hospital Address

St Francis hospital Kasarani

Postal Address: P.O Box 62676 Nairobi, Kenya.

Location: Kasarani-Mwiki Road, Nairobi.



St Francis Hospital Maternity Charges

Table showing form of child deliveries and their charges

St Francis Hospital Kasarani Maternity PackageCharges (Ksh)
Normal DeliveryApproximately Ksh. 25,000
Caesarian SectionApproximately Ksh. 65,000
St Francis Hospital Kasarani Maternity Charges

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St Francis Maternity Hospital Contacts

St Francis has qualified obstetricians ready to offer quality services to clients in need. Since St Francis hospital offers numerous services for purposes of efficient you require specific contacts for maternity You can contact the hospital for more to be connected to the hospital specialist or in case of an emergency using the numbers below.

St Francis maternity hospital contacts

Phone: 020 2445811

Phone: 0736 562277

Phone: 0713 969 608

St Francis Hospital Kasarani NHIF Code

The hospital is NHIF accredited. Depending with the total hospital bill and your NHIF monthly records, you can get paid full or partially using the St Francis Hospital Kasarani NHIF services.

St Francis Hospital Kasarani NHIF Code is: 8000904

Furthermore, the hospital supports other insurance companies in Kenya. The list is endless but here are a few of the insurance companies which are accepted by the hospital. They include:

  • UAP Old Mutual
  • Resolution Insurance
  • Sedgwick Kenya
  • Jubilee Insurance
  • Madison Insurance
  • CIC Insurance
  • Britam Insurance
  • AAR Insurance
  • APA Insurance

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St Francis Hospital Kasarani Maternity Services

The hospital provides maternity services using experienced midwives. The hospital has specialist team that work together to ensure mothers well-being is met and baby’s growth monitoring is done to term.

The team consists of doctors (gynaecologists & obstetricians), nurses, nutritionists and other professionals involved. The maternity services provided include;

Antenatal Care

The expertise ensures complete assessment of pregnancy progress including; triage, nutrition status, baby’s general progress, necessary test done and schedule antenatal visits.

Postnatal Care

The hospital provides a follow up team that ensures the mothers health improves and the baby grows up healthy. The specific health providers offer schedules for the baby’s immunizations and vaccinations as per K.E.P.I Standards.

In case of detection of delayed milestones, the baby is scheduled for special care such as physiotherapy among others.

Normal Delivery

The hospital has the delivery dream located in the maternity department in labour wards that are spacious and well aerated. The rooms are fully packed with delivery tools including medication to ensure mothers receive well their children and in good conditions.

Caesarian Section

St Francis hospital Kasarani have three well established and modern theatre. The surgical team is always on standby as the doctor to perform the surgery often arrives within minutes.

The operations involve high risk pregnancies for patients with existing medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, blood clots and as per the clients request. There are ready incubators for sick babies for instance the premature infants.

Other Services Include:

St Francis hospital maintains high and quality standards in providing other special services to patients in need. The services are spread out in the week’s program on specific days.

The clinics include; dermatology, ENT, orthopedic, colonoscopy, plastic surgery, psychiatry and many others.

Comprehensive Care Clinics

St Francis hospital Kasarani is determined to improve the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS by merging with government and non-governmental bodies to ensure treatment and medication is done promptly without delay.

The team responsible for conducting comprehensible care clinics includes;

  • Obs doctors,
  • Surgeons,
  • Physicians and other trained individuals.

General Medication

St Francis hospital Kasarani is broadly involved in the treatment of acute illnesses and chronic illnesses.  There is a wide variety of specialty doctors, committed nurses and other trained staffs ready to cater for patients’ needs and take the hospital o he next level.

Several chronic illnesses are handled at the hospital some include but not limited to; Diabetes, HTN, Asthma. The hospital is fully armed with HDUs and ICUs in case of critical intervention or emergency arises.

Children Hospital

The hospital offers children with pediatric services with treatment of all categories in several packages at pocket friendly prices. The department caters for children from neonates, past 5years, into teenage.

The specialist team is well experienced with children’s complications and provides proper and accurate correction technique. The complications may include :

  • Medical related illnesses,
  • Genetic disorders,
  • Delayed milestones,
  • Seizures and other conditions.

St Francis Hospital Kasarani Gynaecologist

St Francis hospital Kasarani Provides women with reproductive complications solutions including cancer screening and stage one treatment using cryotherapy, fibroids, painful periods, vaginal itches and discharges, foreign growth along the birth canal and ovarian cyst.

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St Francis hospital Kasarani maternity charges are affordable. Besides, using the St Francis hospital Kasarani NHIF code you can have your charged paid in full or partial by the insurance. Diverse St Francis hospital Kasarani maternity package allows even emergency cases that requires operation to be done. For more enquiries about St Francis maternity hospital, use the availed St Francis hospital Kasarani contacts for better guidance.

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