News Anchor Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

News Anchor Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

We all love news and getting updates in real time with uttermost accuracy. However, it takes a lot of hard work and determination for great news to be presented to you. As a results, news anchor in Kenya are among the highest earning professions.

Before we get deeper to salaries, allow me to mention who a news anchor is. A news anchor is a person who presents news during a television program, on the radio, or across the internet.

A news anchor salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 60,000 to Ksh. 2,000,000. Basically that is the average salary of a news anchor in Kenya per month.

Highest Paid News Anchor In Royal Media

There are very many news anchors around the country. However, there is a variation of salaries according to different factors. Some of these factors are; educational level, working experience among others.

The highest paid news anchor in royal media is Jeff Koinange. Jeff is well known for his amazing voice and great performing skills. Jeff Koinange earns up to Ksh.2,000,000  per month inclusive of allowances.

Inooro TV Presenters Salaries

Inooro TV presenters salaries is about Ksh. 1 million on monthly basis.

Radio News Anchor Salary in Kenya

Radio News Anchor salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 650,000 to Ksh. 2,000,000.

Radio Presenters Salary in Kenya

Radio presenter salary in Kenya is up to Ksh. 900,000. This is a radio presenters salary in Kenya on monthly basis.

Highest Paid Radio Presenter in Kenya

The question on who is the highest paid radio presenter in Kenya has been asked by many. The highest paid radio presenter in Kenya is Maina Kageni. Typically, Kageni earns Ksh. 900,000 per month.

Highest Paid Media Personality in Kenya

The highest paid media personality in Kenya still remains to be Jeff Koinange.


Let me hope that you do not have any doubts about the salaries you needed to know about.

If you really want to be a news anchor or a radio and TV presenter nothing should really stop you.

By the end of the month you will be stinking rich with legal money.

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