Orthopaedic And Trauma Medicine Salary In Kenya | New

Orthopaedic And Trauma Medicine Salary In Kenya | New

An orthopaedic and trauma doctor has specialized in treatment of broken bones, complex structures and injuries sustained through traumatic events.

Orthopedic and trauma medicine in Kenya is available to cub trauma and other diseases affecting the body. These medics try to ensure that one achieves the best health condition

Orthopaedic and trauma medicine salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.120,000 per month.

However, highly skilled orthopaedic and trauma surgeons ranges from Ksh. 339,000 to Ksh. 998,000 per month.

Orthopedic Technician Salary

Orthopedic technician salary in Kenya is around Ksh. 653,000 per month.

Orthopaedic Technology Salary

Orthopaedic Technology Salary In Kenya is Ksh. 122,000 per month.

Orthopedic Surgeon Salary

Orthopedic surgeon salary per month is an average of Ksh.700,000.

Orthopedic And Trauma Training

Is orthopedic and trauma medicine marketable in Kenya. Yes. Orthopedic and trauma medicine is very marketable.

Each and every day someone somewhere needs help in the condition he or she is undergoing.

If you want to pursue this career then nothing should stop you.

Degree in orthopaedic and trauma medicine in Kenya is offered in different universities. Some of the universities that offer degree in orthopaedic and trauma medicine are;

  • Kenyatta University,
  • University Of Nairobi, among others.

Certificate in Orthopedic and Trauma Medicine Requirements include; mean grade of a C-, C- in English or Kiswahili, D+ in biology and a D+ in mathematics.

Let me hope that the article was of great importance to you and that you found the correct answers you were looking for. After all orthopedic and trauma medicine is not a bad career. If you like it get along with it.

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