Social Work And Community Development Salary In Kenya | New

Social Work And Community Development Salary In Kenya | New

Have you ever wondered what does social work and community development deal with? Social work and community development mainly deals with:

1.  Promotion of social change,

2. Cohesion and empowerment of people and community as a whole,

3. Understanding human development,

4. Behavior and social, economical and cultural interactions

Is social work a good career? Yes, social work is among the top best careers in Kenya that has various job opportunities due to high demand of social work services. Besides, you can also land on an NGO job and earn very high income.

Are you curious to know what is social work and community development salary in Kenya? Social worker salary in Kenya per month is an average of Ksh.120,000 per month inclusive of allowances. However, the starting salary for social workers who have just started working is an average of Ksh.40,000 on a monthly basis including all allowances.

Highest Salary For A Social Worker

What is the highest salary for a social worker? The highest salary for a social worker is Ksh.200,000 per month including all the benefit packages such as housing allowances, transport allowances, among others.

Diploma In Social Work Salary In Kenya

Diploma holders also play a vital role in social work and community development.

Are you looking for how much does a diploma social worker earn in Kenya? Social work diploma salary is averagely Ksh.70,000 per month including all allowances.

Social Work And Community Development Jobs In Kenya

You can send you application to some of these social work job vacancies in Kenya now:

1. Community Development Worker at Corporate Staffing.

2. Community Development Worker at SOS Children’s Village.

3. Community Development Officer at Water Mission, Kitale.

4. Community Development Officer at WWF,Kenya.

Social Work Jobs In Nakuru

If you are based in Nakuru, you can try these job vacancies:

a. Associate Technical Officer at Gold Star Kenya.

b. Customer Care Assistant at Nakuru Water Sanitation Services.

c. Project Technical Assistant  at Danchurchaid DCA.

Social Work Jobs In Narok

If you are located in Narok, latest new social work jobs vacancies include:

1. Consultant to Review and Train on Child  protection Policy at Kakenya’S Dream,Narok.

Social Work Jobs In Lodwar

You desire to work in Lodwar, apply for:

  • Psychosocial officer at Terre Des Hommes.
  • Social Worker at Tupado.

Social Work Jobs In Hospital In Kenya

a. Medical Social worker at The Ministry Of Health.

b. Social Media Communications Specialist at ATC  West Healthcare.

c. Social Worker at Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa.

d. Social Worker at Nairobi Adventist Hospital.


Social Work and Community Development is a course that is worth studying in learning institutions as it highly pays when one is employed. In addition, one gets to interact with many people thus able to know more about different cultures.

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