Salary Of A Clinical Officer In Kenya New

Salary Of A Clinical Officer In Kenya New

Clinical officers are direct healthcare providers who manage and administer medical schemes, health institutions and projects In primary healthcare settings.  

Clinical officers also examine the sick and healthy individuals in all specialties to ensure that the health status Is okay.

As you know there are always different levels of education. Clinical officers are also paid according to their educational level.

Clinical Officer Salary In Kenya

Clinical officer salary in Kenya has a range. Clinical officers salary in Kenya may therefore range from Ksh. 20,000- Ksh. 85,000. Literally that is the average salary of a clinical officer in Kenya per month.

Salary Of Diploma Clinical Officer In Kenya

The salary of diploma clinical officer in Kenya is about Ksh. 38,000 – Ksh. 52,000.

Salary of Degree Clinical Officer In Kenya

A clinical officer who has a degree is paid well. The degree level is almost the highest level of education.

The salary of degree clinical officer in Kenya is about Ksh. 85,000. That is the monthly salary of a clinical officer in Kenya.

Clinical Officer Anesthetist Salary In Kenya

A clinical officer anesthetist salary In Kenya ranges from Ksh. 35,400 – Ksh. 46,300. There is also a house allowance of Ksh.16,500.

Clinical officer jobs are very well paying and highly marketable in Kenya. Think of this situation, each and everyday someone needs medical help. So, there is an assurance that there are job opportunities each day.

If truly this is your area of interest, then you have to go for the goal without hesitation.

Mentioned above is a brief description of what a clinical officer is, the salary they get as per the level of education and experience. I really hope that the content was very helpful to you and that you got the answers as per the question you were asking.

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