St Thomas Hospital Maternity Charges And Services | New!

St Thomas Hospital Maternity Charges And Services

All you need to know about St Thomas Hospital maternity charges, services, contacts, address, location, gynaecologist, doctors, and many more is all here. I have prepared an easy to follow precise guide about St Thomas Hospital just for you.

Health facility is one of the basic needs in day to day life of any citizen. During the pre-industrial error, many people died due to lack of better health facilities leading to low population and industrial growth.

Also, mothers had difficulties in their delivery at due dates but due to the establishment of St Thomas Hospital life got better and easier. This facility has catered for larger health services required by citizens in the country.

St Thomas Hospital Likoni

St Thomas Hospital Contacts

Telephone: +254 715 54 44 57.

Phone 1:  +254 727 99 88 55,

Phone 2: +254 705 718906

St Thomas Hospital Address

 Address: Likoni Lunga Lunga Road, Next to Consolata Catholic Church.

Email Address:

St Thomas Hospital Location

This primary facility is located opposite Beliel Plaza, Kona Mpya, Likoni-Ukunda road, Mombasa, Kenya.

St Thomas Hospital Directions

Located at Likoni Lunga Lunga Road next to Consolata Catholic Church and it’s opposite Beliel Plaza Likoni.

St Thomas Hospital Maternity Charge

Affordable maternity charges offered by St Thomas Hospital are as follows;

St Thomas Hospital Maternity ServicesCharges
Normal deliveryKsh.10,300
Caesarean sectionNot being offered
Antenatal  care for the first visitKsh.2,040
St Thomas Hospital Maternity Charge

St Thomas Hospital Maternity Package

Normal delivery, antenatal care, post-natal care, well baby clinics are some of the packages offered by St Thomas maternity hospital.

Antenatal Care

Specialists in this sector advice women to visit the amenity immediately they realise they are pregnant. This hospital ensures that the pregnancy is well taken care of until due dates.

Also, the medics prescribe the type of food and exercise to be done to ensure the wellness of the unborn and the mother.

Ultrasound Services

24hours Ultrasound services are offered at St Thomas Hospital. This service has been so important since the ultrasound images helps the doctor to:

  • See the position of the placenta
  • Check the size, movement, position, heartbeat and the breathing of the foetus
  • See the type of pregnancy that has occurred                                                       
  • Find the number of foetus in the womb for example twins, triplets etc.
  • See the amount of amniotic fluid in the female’s uterus.
  • Examine the ovaries and the womb

Normal Delivery Services

Availability of adequate midwives in the amenity facilitate the normal delivery services to a soon to be mum. They ensure the mother’s and child’s life are out of risk during and after delivery. This service has led to the hospital being highly recommended for maternity by the community.

Family Planning Services

Contraceptives are given in this hospital as one of the methods of family planning. Family planning schedules are available that one feels comfortable with. Also, youths are also guided and counselled based on the effects of early marriages.

Well Baby Clinic Services

Focuses on providing vaccines to the new born to prevent deadly diseases such as polio, measles, hepatitis B, Yellow fever among others. Specialists in this sector ensure new born are growing in a healthy manner and they are getting the required nutrients to boost their immune system.

St Thomas Hospital Services

Here are some of the services offered by the hospital:

General Medicine Clinic Services

The health facility offers primary care to its patients. The main aim of this service is to maintain and promote good health by visiting the physicians more often. They also treat diseases before they become chronic.

Outpatient Services

Involves medical procedures and services offered to patients without making them spend their overnight at the hospital. These services include:

  • Treatment such as physiotherapy
  • Prevention and Wellness
  • Rehabilitation such as drugs rehab

Laboratory Services

Wide range of laboratory tests are offered in this hospital. It is equipped with a spacious laboratory that supports the many lab tests done on patients. It mainly tests in clinical chemistry, haematology, immunochemistry, microbiology among others.

Inpatient Services

With the aid of spacious wards, St Thomas hospital offers inpatient services to those patients who need hospitalization due to their critical conditions. In addition, Semi private rooms are given to the VIPs for privacy services.

Dental Services

Quality dental services such as root canal treatment, fixing of braces, tooth filling, tooth removal, dental consultation, removal of braces among many more. Visit St Thomas’ dentists to boost your smile and confidence.

Laboratory Tests Services

Lab technicians ensure that all the lab tests done are well attended to and results are released with an immediate effect. The facility has several sterilized equipment that ensures no interference with the specimen.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacists in this facility monitor drug prescription, drug distribution, drug procurement, drug utilization review among others. This service ensures that the hospital has enough supply of affordable quality medicine.

Medical Consultation Services

Medical professionals in this hospital are there to give directions to patients who are worried about their health and give drug prescription at an affordable consultation fee.

Psychological Services

Psychologists in this amenity offer their quality services at a very a cheaper price. Such services include treatment of mental disorders, guiding and counselling based on psychological issues faced by the patient.


I hope this article about St Thomas Hospital Maternity charges and services has been helpful. Goodluck.

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