Tour Guide Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Tour Guide Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Tour guiding jobs is one of the interesting jobs one can do. All you need is to be well vast with the area and have good communication skills to keep your client engaged and able to create a wonderful memorable experience.

A tour guide is a person who is familiar with a certain area or place, and provides guidance to people who are new to the area or people who are not well vast with the area.

Tour guides or sometimes called tourist guides have a role of ensuring that; customers are being informed in an entertaining manner and also responsible for the safety of the customers.

How much does a tour guide earn in Kenya? A tour guide salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 48,000 to Ksh. 153,000 per month. On average, how much money can you make as a tour guide is Ksh. 98,000.

Tour Guide Course In Kenya

Tour guide course in Kenya are offered in this institution among others:

a. Eldoret National Polytechnic

b. Mwea Apex college

c. Junset Business Institute

d. Viteec Training Institute

e. Glory Commercial College

Tour Guide Jobs In Kenya

Tour guide jobs in Kenya that are open for application now include but not limited to:

1. Driver tour guide at Nappet Tours and Travel

2. Part time tour guide- Spanish language required, Heels and Valise Tour

3. Travel Guide

Other places you can apply as a tour guide include looking up for Safari jobs, travel guide companies, licensed tour operators, and freelancing among others. More tour guide job vacancy can be found more so in tourism boards.

I believe that the answers I provided were of satisfactory and that they were related to your queries.

If you want to take tour guide as a career then the time is now. A simple job but with big pay.

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