Truck Driver Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

Truck Driver Salary In Kenya | Latest New Pay

In terms of transportation of bulky goods, truck drivers have played a very big role in Kenya. When you are travelling, you will see trucks along the roads possibly full with goods.

Trucks are also very reliable when it comes to transiting. And here is where truck drivers come in. Truck driving is also among the well paying jobs here in Kenya.

You may wish to know how much are drivers paid in Kenya. A truck driver salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 25,000 to Ksh. 185,000 per month including some allowances.

Highest Truck Driver Salary in Kenya

What is the highest salary for a truck driver has also been a question asked by many. Well the highest salary for a truck driver is Ksh. 185,000.

Government Drivers Salary In Kenya

Drivers are also divided in different categories. For instance there are government drivers and even freelance drivers.

Government drivers salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 80,000 per month.

Truck Driving School In Kenya

For one to be an expert or a professional in a certain field, he or she must undergo some training.

The same case applies to a truck driver. For one to qualify Training is the key. Truck driving school in Kenya is found in different places all over.

This is to mean that if you want to be a good truck driver, then you have to visit a truck driving school and make your experience better.

Truck Driver Jobs In Kenya

Below are some places where you can get truck driver jobs in Kenya.

1. Oil refinery firms

2. Retail and distribution centres

3. Manufacturing plants

4. Transportation companies

Long Distance Truck Driver Jobs In Kenya

Here are some places where you can get long distance truck driver jobs in Kenya;

a. Gap Recruitment Services Limited

b. North Star Alliance

c. Fire Side Communication

That is just a brief summary of drivers. Let me hope the article was helpful to you and that all answers  were provided as you asked.

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Truck Driver Salary In Kenya

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