Unraveling the Azimio Coalition’s Deputy Whip Swap: Wetang’ula, Sabina, and Mwenje in the Spotlight

In a surprising turn of events, National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula approved the replacement of Nominated MP Sabina Chege with Embakasi West MP Mark Mwenje as Deputy Minority Whip within the Azimio Coalition. However, this move has ignited controversy and legal challenges, with Adan Keynan asserting the legality of Mwenje’s appointment.

Keynan, along with fellow MPs, expressed their intention to challenge the appointment of Mwenje as the new Deputy Whip for the Azimio Coalition. They argue that Mwenje’s affiliation with the Jubilee party, which has distanced itself from Azimio, raises questions about his eligibility for the position.

Wetang’ula’s decision to replace Sabina was met with resistance and had been previously suspended due to a court order issued on May 30, 2023. However, this suspension has now been dismissed by the court, paving the way for Mwenje’s appointment.

The situation adds complexity to the ongoing political landscape in Kenya, with Azimio Coalition’s involvement in national dialogue talks at stake. Keynan emphasized their commitment to charting their future within the 13th Parliament’s bicameral setup while retaining the right to associate with any coalition they choose.

Amidst these political developments, the National Assembly is also involved in vetting 27 individuals nominated for positions of Ambassadors and High Commissioners by President William Ruto. The Departmental Committee on Defence, Intelligence, and Foreign Relations is overseeing this process, which is expected to conclude by November 2, 2023.

Additionally, the National Assembly recently adjourned its afternoon sitting to discuss ongoing evictions and demolitions in Mavoko, Machakos County. These events have left more than 10,000 families homeless, prompting calls for compensation for the affected families. Allegations of unauthorized construction without proper title deeds by the County Government of Machakos have further complicated the situation.

The political landscape in Kenya is evolving rapidly, with legal challenges and controversies at the forefront, as key figures and parties jockey for influence and control within the 13th Parliament.

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