US Embassy Salary Scale In Kenya | Updated New Earnings

US Embassy Salary Scale In Kenya Updated | New Earnings

The US embassy in Kenya represents the U.S headquarters for U.S government serving a foreign country.

Normally an embassy is led by an ambassador. In most cases, an embassy is normally located in a capital city and has branches known as consulates.

What is the salary of an embassy has become a common question. However I have an answer for that. US embassy workers are among the people who are highly paid.

The salary of an embassy can vary due to a variety of factors such as skills, experience, education, and job title among other factors

So, how much does a US embassy worker make. The average US Embassy salary scale in Kenya is Ksh. 63,000 per month and highly skilled personnel can up to Ksh. 800,000 per month on average.

U.S. Embassy Job Grades

Some of the job grades at the US embassy include:

  1. Grade 6
  2. Grade 7
  3. Grade 8

U.S embassy grade 7 salary is about Ksh. 250,000 per month.

U.S embassy grade 8 salary is about Ksh. 200,000 to Ksh. 800,000 per month.

U.S. Embassy Salary And Benefits

As mentioned earlier, U.S embassy salary and benefits varies due to different factors.

Some benefits may include house allowance, transport allowance among others.

What degree do you need to work at a US embassy? You ought to have at least a bachelors degree for you to be one of the foreign service officer.

However, some people have outstanding expertise that earns them work at the foreign embassy.

Let me hope that this article was of great importance to you and that you got all the answers you were looking for.

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