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Are you a film producer, event photographer, or event videographer? If so, have you ever thought of shooting more cinematic shots? Well, if that is it, then have you ever thought of at least owning a drone for the service?

Ever since drones came, a lot of film makers have been able to produce the most cinematic shots in the world. Drones are very advantageous since they can record shots that a plain camera and a single operator can’t.

This brings us to what may be your concern. which is where you can buy drones in Kenya.

Places to Buy Drones in Kenya

Places to buy drones in Kenya include;

  • Pixel Electric Company Limited.
  • Toys Kenya, DJI Kenya.
  • Cameras Africa.
  • Snapshot Kenya.

Toy drones for sale in Kenya are available in different shops. For example, Toys Kenya is among the best known toy drone shops around. If you need a toy drone, then you have a shop to visit.

There are a lot of drone shops in Nairobi. The shops sell different types of drones and of different quality. They do, however, sell the drones at relatively affordable prices. If you need a drone for sale, visit shops like Pixel Electric Company Limited and Snapshot Kenya.

Cost of Drones in Kenya

Are you searching for how much a drone costs in Kenya?

The prices of drones will vary due to a variety of factors. For instance, drones might cost up to Ksh. 240,000 for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Version 2.0 Quadcopter.

Maybe you want to know how much the cheapest drone is in Kenya. The cheapest drone in Kenya goes for about Ksh.3,000 to Ksh.5,000.

The Phantom drone price in Kenya ranges from Ksh.200,000 to Ksh.240,000. This type of drone is among the highest quality in the world.


I believe that whatever you were looking for was provided in the article. Hopefully, you now have clear information about drones and where to buy them from. If you have ever thought of purchasing a drone, then you should make your dreams come true as soon as possible.

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