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Gold is normally considered the most useful, expensive, and difficult to find mineral. One who has gold is always respected and considered rich. But, what if I told you that you could buy your own gold and have your status respected?

I am sure you may ask yourself some questions before trying to make the purchase, this brings us to our main concern, that is where to buy gold in Kenya.

Places to Buy Gold in Kenya

There are a variety of places where you can buy gold in Kenya, some of these include: Africa Gold Refinery & Exporter, Africa Gold Exporter Kenya and lastly Abdi Gold Dealer.

These are some of the places to buy gold in Kenya. You can also buy gold coins from these mentioned places. 

There are different places where you can buy gold and silver in Kenya. All you need are the specifications for the product and the cash, and you are good to go.

Gold Prices in Kenya

The price of 1 kg of gold in Kenya is 6.78 million on average. 

Pure gold necklace prices in Kenya may begin from an average amount of Ksh. 38,000. The price may keep rising depending on the make or the shop one is purchasing it from. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Gold Rings

Goldiam Jewellers and GStone Jewellery Kenya are common places where you can buy gold rings in Kenya. The mentioned places are also considered the best gold jewellery shops in Nairobi.

Where to Buy Gold Detectors

Africa Metal Detectors-Gold Detectors in Kenya and Nairobi Metal Detectors Ltd. are the most commonly known places where you can purchase gold detectors. 

Where to Sell Gold in Kenya

There are many places to sell gold in Eastleigh. As you know, Eastleigh is a very large market. There are a lot of gold sellers and buyers who offer their services at good prices.

The Nairobi CBD is a very strategic place for such businesses to run well. Gold can, however, be sold there at the nearest jewellery shops, retailers, or gold stores around. 

Where to Sell Raw Gold

Are you trying to find out where to sell raw gold in Kenya? Kenya raw gold manufacturers, precious metal gold seller firms, and Kenya gold buyers are the best places to sell your raw gold. 


In summary, I hope that the article has been of great importance to you. That is from where to buy gold in Kenya, the jewellery shops, to the prices of the various products. The gold business in Kenya is among the best businesses to start in Kenya. The good thing about such a business is that you sell a few products at very good prices. 

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