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Among the most useful minerals on this planet is salt. Ever since it was discovered, people have now been able to eat tasty food as a result. Also, animals such as cows have greatly benefited from licking salt since it’s healthy. There is, however, a type of salt called Epsom salt. This kind is used for medicinal purposes to treat pain and relax muscles. Those are Epsom salt uses, unlike common salt, which is used as a food additive. 

Are you looking to buy Epsom salt in Nairobi but have no idea where to buy it from? If that’s the case, then you have come to the right site, where you’ll find all the information that will be beneficial to you.

Places to Buy Epsom Salt in Nairobi

Here is a list of some of the places where to buy Epsom in Nairobi Kenya today:

  1. Forever Multi maca.
  2. Health Care Center.
  3. Mens Max Supplements.
  4. Eastnat Foods Limited-Nairobi Branch.
  5. Healthy U Capital Centre.

Epsom salt wholesale in Kenya is available. The wholesalers that deal in that type of product sell them at cheaper prices. You should consider buying the salt at a wholesale price so as to make a saving.

Epsom salt for plants is very important. This is because it triggers flower blooming and also enhances the plant’s chlorophyll. 

Epsom price will vary depending on different factors. For instance, epsom salt 500g goes at an average price of Ksh. 250. The prices rise depending on the quantity. 

Taking too much Epsom salt has also got some disadvantages. For instance, too much use of it may lead to nausea, flush skin and headaches. In extreme cases, it may lead to heart problems or even death. 


I believe by now you have a very clear idea of where to buy Epsom salt, its side effects, and uses. Hopefully, this review was helpful to you and is of great importance. Let me also believe that the answers to your questions were provided appropriately. 

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