Where to Buy Jewelry in Bulk in Nairobi (Best & Affordable)

Natural beauty has always been enhanced by jewelry. The goal of almost every human being is to look amazingly beautiful. For instance, people end up buying additives such as watches, chains, necklaces, and bracelets, among others. Ladies, in most cases, are the ones who love jewelry.

Jewelry manufacturers in Kenya make jewelry using different materials such as gold, silver and many more. 

Let us now focus on our main concern for today, which is where to buy jewelry in bulk in Nairobi.

Places to Buy Jewelry in Bulk in Nairobi

Here is a list of places you can buy jewelry in bulk in Nairobi Kenya:

  • Zaveris Ltd.
  • Goldiam Jewellers.
  • Allison’s Jewelry & Gift Shop.
  • Credible Jewels.
  • The Little Jewellers.

These are among the best places where to buy jewelry in bulk in Nairobi.

Cheap Jewelry Shops in Nairobi

Cheap jewellery shops in Nairobi are found within the CBD. You can get them from jewelry shops or even open markets. You don’t necessarily need to have a lot of money in order to possess any kind of jewelry. 

Kamukunji Jewellery is widely known for its legitimate products. They sell some of the highest quality products at cost-friendly prices. They also deal in a variety of products, such as earrings, bungles, bracelets, and so on. You can enhance your beauty just by visiting Kamkunji Jewellery. 

Jewelry Supplies Kenya

There are a variety of jewelry suppliers in Kenya. They ensure that the jewelry is well made and distributed uniformly to different regions. Running jewelry supplies in Kenya can be a lucrative business to venture into. If you apply patience, you will realise that the profits are even higher than expected. 

Earring supplies in Kenya never run low. This is because women always like to have different things every day. This implies that day by day, the earrings will be purchased. You can get earrings at wholesale prices at the nearest jewelry wholesaler.


It is now time to glow and shine with the best jewelry products from the best known shops all over Nairobi. If the chance of becoming more attractive comes, you shouldn’t hesitate to make a choice. Besides, you now have all the information on where you can buy jewelry in bulk in Nairobi.

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